SMFPacks Profile Popup New An overall view of each profile across all your website!
SMFPacks Conversations New Personal messages done right!

SMFPacks Shoutbox Pro Whispering, history, better design, ignored users, and much more!
Attachments Center Pro All your attachments at one place!
@ SMFPacks Mentions Pro Start @tagging members with this mentions mod!

SMFPacks SEO Enhance the position of your website at search engines like google and bing
SMFPacks Super Pack Get all our current (and future) products, for one unbelievable price!
SMFPacks Likes Pro Add likes to your forum, enhance social interaction and incentivation of members

SMFPacks Multimedia Gallery The most powerful gallery mod available! Including photos, videos, music and links from Youtube, DailyMotion and Metacafe!
SMFPacks Rates | Facepunch The ultimate way to increase real posts, motivation and collaboration using rates for each post.
SMFPacks Alerts Pro Facebook like notifications for members about their activities in your forum

SMFPacks Topic Prefix Add prefix to topics including custom HTML format, colors, style and more
SMFPacks Advanced Editor Real WYSIWYG editor into all areas of SMF. Better syntax, more features and nicer design
SMF Downloads Directory Downloads directory with upload progress, multiple files per download, screenshots and more

SMF Links Directory Full-feature links directory deeply integrated with SMF design and features
SMFPacks Invitations System Gain more users or restrict your forum to real members with our invitations system
SMFPacks Attachments Uploader Much better attachments uploader with upload progress bar, better error handling, and more

SMF Dynamic Directory Versatil directory that can work for many cases, totally flexible and full-feature with a rich core inside
SMF Social Groups Increase social interaction between members and allow them to have a place that they own for their interests
SMFPacks Activity Stream Check all your forum activity in one place, without reloading and integrated with many mods

Other things we do:

Themes The perfect combination of design and functionality!
Services Take your community to the next level with our customization service!
Contact Us! Contact us if you want us to do something else for your website!

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  2. (23 Dec 2014) NEW MOD: SMFPacks Personal Conversations Mod!
  4. (29 Nov 2014) [Important] 30% OFF due to CyberMonday at
  5. (27 Nov 2014) [Important] IT'S BLACK FRIDAY!
  6. (26 Sep 2014) [New Product] New product, SMFPacks Profile Popup
  7. (12 Sep 2014) Get 25% OFF in all your purchases!!
  8. (13 Aug 2014) [New Product] Four new responsive themes added! Including our first dark one!
  9. (04 Aug 2014) [New Product] SMFPacks Attachments Center Pro 1.0
  10. (05 May 2014) SMFPacks HTML5 Attachments Uploader: drag and drop, preview of files, and more