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Today we're releasing a new product, yes, a new product! And we're sure that you're going to just love it! It's an Advanced WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Editor, and it's already installed here at

The number of features in this new editor are endless, here are the most important one:

Integration in new areas, deep integration into SMF Core Feature and full customization from admin panel, plus a minified and full version are just a few of the new features that you're going to have in your community with the SMFPacks Advanced Editor.

Just read the product page and see why it's such a great addition to your forum, because content is the key value of your community, with that in mind create it should be quick and effortless for you and your members, that's why you should see this editor as a wonderful addition for your forum!

Enjoy it!

#1 - June 06, 2012, 11:11:14 AM
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This has been a great additional to my site.  The only feedback that I would like to add is:

1) On the quick replay, the editor has a fixed width of 803px.  On smaller screens, the editors flows outside the site wrappers.  Removing this fixed width seems to work fine in box small and large screen sizes.  

2) It would be nice if there was a youtube button to allow users to embed youtube videos.  

3) When you toggle between views (visual view or code view), sometimes it can be a little hard to tell which view you are in. 

Thanks again for this MOD. 
#2 - June 16, 2012, 08:18:59 PM
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I've just discovered the Advanced Editor. It seems promising and I'm really interested in installing it, but I find it lacks some features:

- Shortcuts for bold, italics and underline are not working using the shortcuts control+b, control+i and control+u (at least in Mac OS both in Safari and Firefox) I use them all the time and Advanced Editor doesn't give me "that much" as for living without those shortcuts. So for the time being I'm sticking to the default editor until this feature is supported.

- Can't keep format when pasting rich text from other sites. Quite often I post news extracting quotes from other sites, and that saves me lot of time.

- It would be great to be able to paste and clean/convert code from Microsoft Word and HTML and Wiki code. I'm aware that inserting HTML is risky, but inserting, at least, "safe" html code such as bold, tables line jump and so on would be nice.

- It would great to have access to smileys categories in the same way as HotEditor:
-> I've just read v1.0.3 integration with tabbed smileys

- It would be great to be able to upload images and wrap text around images WHILE you're editing.

I'll keep an eye on any update.


PS: What about a new board in the forum for Advanced Editor support :-)?
#3 - August 20, 2012, 06:32:38 AM
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1. Shortcuts are a great idea.
2. I think this mod does a terrific job in this area, I hardly think it's going to be improved, it's just impossible to do it perfectly.
3. Do you mean paste HTML code and automatically convert it? I don't think any editor does that.
4. Float tags could be added too
#4 - August 20, 2012, 06:19:50 PM


Glad you consider it!

2. I think this mod does a terrific job in this area, I hardly think it's going to be improved, it's just impossible to do it perfectly.

Eh.... clumsy me! I tried to paste in PLAIN TEXT mode... Douh!!! I've tried now in WYSIWYG mode and... bingo!!! I agree... It does a TERRIFIC job. Seriously. But perhaps the switch button between BBC and WYSIWYG should be different.  Perhaps bigger (wider) and more obvious. The double "A"s looks more like the font change button. But I think that using WYSIYWG mode by default that won't be an issue. Anyway...

3. Do you mean paste HTML code and automatically convert it? I don't think any editor does that.

Some do with HTML and Microsoft Word:

None of them currently work with SMF (Hoteditor did in versions 1.x), but it's a feature I'd like to see back in SMF.

4. Float tags could be added too

That sounds great!!!

I'll pay close attention to future updates.

Thanks for taking my comments into account!

#5 - August 21, 2012, 04:52:11 AM


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