LATEST VERSION: 1.3.4 (2023-02-22) - COMPATIBLE WITH: SMF 2.1 and SMF 2.0

SMFPacks Ads Manager Mod

Control clicks, impressions, history of each ad, block adblock and much more!

Increase revenue with proper ads management!

SMFPacks Ads Manager is a fully featured ads management system for SMF, it allows you to control ads all over your forum totally hassle-free! The best part is that it works out of the box on all themes!

Include ads as topics! UPDATED

You can now add ads as topics inside boards too! This new location gives you endless possibilities to include more ads as you require! This is entirely done without touching your theme files, it just works!

Now add ads in search results and recent posts! No theme edits required! UPDATED

It's now possible to include ads in two new locations: search results and recent posts, in each ad you can set the location of each ad based on the counter shown for those posts allowing you to easily embed ads in both areas, giving you more ways to increase revenue at your website. The best of all, is that as always there are no theme edits required, therefore this will work out of the box in all your themes!

Multiple locations to place ads, it works in all themes! No edits required!

Ads Manager mod allows you to place ads on multiple locations: above footer, global header, sidebars, as regular posts, after boards, and more! And the best part is that every ad is added without any template edit! It works out of the box for all themes!

Blocks users using AdBlock!

Stop lossing revenue due to AdBlock! This mod allows you to prevent users for using AdBlock on your community! You can choose which membergroups are affected and how hard they are blocked!

Ads that look like posts and boards! Again with no theme edits!

Start making ads that look like real posts and boards, with no theme edits! The Ads Manager gives you full control to show ads exactly where you need them! For example after two specific boards and after the second post of every topic in certain boards! It works with child boards too!

Prevent ads to be shown to certain groups!

Control which groups should see each ad easily! You can even set groups which will never see the ad in question regardless of other groups settings!

Show ads according to user device!

Ads can be shown to mobile devices if you choose to! Allowing you to show proper ads according to the device!

Control for how long ads run, set a limit of clicks and/or impressions!

Right from your admin panel configure the duration of each ad (in days, weeks, months or even years), set a limit of clicks or limit them by impressions! It all can be done with a few clicks without you having to control each ad manually!

You may choose an owner too from your community, in case that he/she paid for it, allowing him/her to track stats of the ad right from their profile!

User ads!

You may choose on each ad which user from your community is the owner (if they paid for it, for example) which gives them permission (if you allow it) to verify all the stats of their ad right from their profile! Allowing them to verify how the ad is doing!

Hosted ads!

Easily add hosted ads right from your admin panel! Simply choose the image file, adjust dimensions if required (an animation shows how the ad will be shown) and finally set the url where the ad will redirect users!

External ads!

Easily add external ads too! In case you've a code from Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, BuySellAds or any other external service place the code here and start earning money with your community! This area is also helpful in case you want add custom HTML to your own ads!

Control locations with a few clicks!

Inside the admin panel you can control how locations of ads work! For example you can choose if all ads shown at the bottom of the page should rotate or show them all at once!

Check each ad history!

Easily see how each ad is doing right from your admin panel! Overviewing impressions and clicks in a beautiful graphic, even change the data easily without having the page reloaded to get insights in any period of time!

Control stats for advertisements!

Ads Manager gives you a great overview to see how are ads going at your community! Including the top 10 clicked ads and also the ones with the highest CTR! From which you can make decision to improve your revenue!

Simple configuration!

Configuring this mod is extremely easy! Right from your admin panel you can control how the block for adblocks works, control how ads are shown as both boards and posts, and also if you want to entirely disable the ads manager without uninstalling!

The easiest installation ever!

This mod adds ads everywhere without having to touch one single line of templates! Installation is as simple as uploading, installing and done! There are some minimal edits to sources files in places untouched by 99% of mods allowing this mod to be installed on every SMF forum!

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SMFPacks Ads Manager

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- SMFPacks Ads Manager Copyright Removed.
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