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SMFPacks Attachments Center Pro!

All attachments at one place!

Images, video, audio, others and all categories!

See attachments based on the extensions you define! This allows you to easily view all the images if you want to, or sit back and view all videos at once!
Images, video, audio, others and all categories

Maximum control!

Maximum control!

Every section can be disabled within admin panel, and each one has separated permissions for full control! You can set the extensions of each type for easy customization.

View attachments without downloading!

Audio, images and videos can be seen without having to download them first, allowing you to sit back and release instead of be making a download list.
View attachments without downloading

Sort attachments

Sort attachments!

To give users more control over what they see, there is the sorting feature which allows anyone to sort by file name, size, topic, board, poster, ID, and downloads, allowing you to see what matters first!

"Others" and "all" categories

Besides audio, images, and videos, you can show the "others" and "all" categories which shown all attachments or selected extensions in order to never miss one file!
All and others categories

Include and exclude boards

Include and exclude boards with a click

Within admin panel you can select which boards you want to be included or which ones should be excluded, this allows you to quickly select which attachments should be shown.

Full customization!

Easily customize which attachments extensions are shown on each category, select how many are shown per line and per page, also customize which categories are available for each membergroup! Full control and customization over everything!
Settings control

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"This is extremely useful! Such a nice way to have all attachments centralized in one location!"


"We share a lot of media using attachments, that is why this mod just makes sense!"


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SMFPacks Attachments Center Pro

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- SMFPacks Attachments Center Pro.
- Copyright removed: No.
- Full Support: Yes.
- Regular Price: $29.99.
- PROMOTIONAL Price: $19.99.
- SMFPacks Attachments Center Pro.
- Copyright removed: Yes.
- Full Support: Yes.
- Regular Price: $39.99.
- PROMOTIONAL Price: $29.99.