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SMFPacks Advanced Attachments Uploader!

An HTML5 Uploader with: progress bar, drag&drop, inline errors, preview of files, and more!

Attachments preview!

As soon as attachments are loaded a preview of the file is shown right next to it. If it's a video, audio or an image then the multimedia is shown to the user, otherwise an icon based on file extension is shown to easily identify each attachment!
Files previews

Drag and drop

Drag & drop!

Amazing drag and drop is included which allows you to easily upload files from your PC just dragging them into the attachments box. The box gets bigger when you are dragging files for easier insertion!

Upload progress bar!

A progress bar is shown when new files are selected in order to show how much time is required before the upload is completed! Meanwhile users can write the post doing both things at once!
Uploader progress bar

Inline Errors

Inline attachments errors!

Stop losing post content just because the file is bigger than allowed, this uploader automatically shows errors, so users are able to change the attachments in one single page load. This includes the selection of available extensions and the maximum amount of attachments allowed.

Delete attachments easily!

Users are able to delete any attachment that they have uploaded with a click!
Delete attachments

HTML5 Uploader

It works with mobile phones and tablets!

This is an HTML5 Uploader, so mobile phones and tablets that allow to upload files are going to be available to use this uploader.

It works on all themes out of the box! Extremely simple installation!

This mod was designed with compatibility in mind! It works out of the box with all themes and it'll install on 99% of the forums right out of the box! And if you have a problem we'll be here to help!
Easy installation

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SMFPacks Attachments Uploader

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- SMFPacks Attachments Uploader.
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