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We're really excited to announce the release of the latest version of SMF Links Directory, this new version is the v2.1.3 and it comes with various things that, I'm sure, you're going to love; for example, we have added some minor, but great, features in this release starting with the biggest change, we saw a problem when we tried to manage links in an active forum, this problem was that we usually didn't go to the reported links or the approval queue to check if new things were added so some people could be waiting approval or a reply for his/her report for a long time, to avoid this we have moved both sections from the admin panel to the links index and the best of all, we have added a counter for open reports/links awaiting approval so now we're sure you aren't going to miss anything:
Another issue that we saw in when we're working in this mod was related with the category permissions, if you have a lot of groups, but you want to have various groups with the same permissions you had to go in each group selecting the same permissions over and over, now we have added a little, but really nice, option that allows you to quiclky copy permissions from one group to other groups, just like SMF does in the Permissions Page, here's an screenshot:
But there's more, there has been some little tweaks to various areas, some in template, some in code; for example, we have added four links to the main menu of the links directory with links to Approval Queue, Reported Links, My Links and Favorite Links, all of them showned with proper permissions, in addition to all this changes, we have fixed all the known bugs reported by our customers.

We're pretty happy with this release and we know that you're going to love it, as usual old customers can download the package and if you aren't a customer take a look to this mod here:;sa=ld

Enjoy It!

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