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SMF Social Groups v2.1 & SMF Links Directory v1.3 Released!!

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We're proud to announce the release of this products SMF Social Groups v2.1 & SMF Links Directory v1.3 this releases include Unlimitied Subcategories, Categories Icon and Marking of Unseen Groups/Links in both products but additionally both releases have specific things for each product so here is the changelog for each product:

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! bug fix
+ added feature
* changed
- removed
@ Important Info

SMF Social Groups v2.1 - 16/May/2010

+ Unlimitied Subcategories.
+ Categories Icon based on Unseen Groups.
+ Unseen groups are marked with a "New" icon (SMF Style).
+ Resize Groups Icons using Javascript instead of an Fatal Error Adding/Editing Groups.
* Empty search now returns to the search screen with an error message instead of a Fatal Error.
! Changing Tabs reload pages in some servers.
! Undefined error on approval requests when there aren't members.
! Bad redirection after create a new category.
! Wrong message after submitted request.
! Cache produces some errors checking member subscription.
! Create Thread doesn't check if the subject was left empty.
! Some minor bugs.

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! bug fix
+ added feature
* changed
- Info only

SMF Links Directory v1.3 - 15/May/2010

+ Unlimitied Subcategories.
+ Category Redirect (Just like SMF Redirection Boards).
+ Categories Icon (Based on New Links, No New Links and Redirection Category).
+ Now unseen links are marked with a "New" Icon (SMF Style).
* Stats template to make it more "Curve".
! Permissions for Edit Link and Delete Link weren't loaded property.

In the Social Groups release we can say that we're fixing all the bugs reported by our customers, every aspect has been tested in their own websites and this version is totally stable.

If you're an old customer of one/both of this products you can download each product in the Download Section and if you aren't a customer you can see more info about both products here:;sa=products

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