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48 Hour Waiting Period?!

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I know I've done a lot of whining, and forgive me since I was just diagnosed with a bone disease in my spine so I'm in a LOT of pain and in a really crappy mood in general, but you could have warned people that it would take 2 days to get the bloody mod!!
2CO puts every single transaction through a forced, offline “Fraud Check” process that could take up to 48 hours to complete.

Which means, when your buyer hits the “buy” button on your site to become a member, agrees to pays $9.97 or $17 or $27 or $97, whips out their credit card, enters all of the information, hits “Pay”, and now can’t wait to access your product that you have spent so much time and money in marketing it to them

… in comes 2CO and completely sabotages your entire effort.

Because it could 2CO up to 48 hours to actually put the charge through.

Which means, the payment is in limbo for 48 hours.

As the seller, you won’t get the money for 48 hours.

You’re not even guaranteed of getting the money, because the transaction could be flagged as “fraudulent” based on some crazy internal policies or rules.

On the flip side (and this is worse), your buyer doesn’t get access to the product he just paid you for, because obviously you can’t give them access to your super-duper-product, because you haven’t even received the money yet!

And if after 48 hours, 2CO comes back and rejects the purchase, there is nothing you can do about it.

I'm very upset. I tolerated having to use an unfamiliar payment gateway and gave more of my personal details than I felt comfortable to and I've spent HOURS waiting for something to happen only to discover that it could take DAYS to happen. So Now I've lost HOURS of time, my personal information is on yet ANOTHER site, and I'm probably not even going to get the mod at all because it's likely to come back as fraudulent!!

On top of that there is no way to cancel and I don't even know if these fraud checking people work on public holidays, which it is for me on Monday so I don't have a clue when I will get word of if this has gone through or not!

I am very unhappy with this. My money is good, I'm an honest person, I just wanted to pay for a mod and receive it the second I'd paid! I thought that would happen! This is too much effort and frustration :'(.

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I've just emailed 2CO in the hope they will hurry up and approve me. This is very ridiculous, I am incredibly frustrated with this whole process and not going to post anymore because the more I think about this the angrier I become and I don't like making angry posts >:(.
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I don't know why it's taking that long, usually fraud checks take less than 20 minutes, I manually approved your payment, I just hope they don't reject it
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