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insert pictures from clipboard

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Hi everybody!
I'm searching for a possibility to insert pictures from the clipboard directly into a posting using SMF 2.0.11
Please, don't tell me, that is impossible within a webapplication, as I know, at least with xenforo this works very well.
If you yould like to test it, I would ask you to try it at (You will have to register an account to test that.)
It even works, if the image is only created temporarely, for example, with a smiley-generator (e.g. and is stored permanently within the posting.

regards, mokko

#1 - May 06, 2016, 11:39:53 AM


It's indeed possible, but it has not being implemented in SMF as far as I'm aware. We could discuss this a private job if you're interested, because I don't think it'd get too much demand if I release it as a mod.
#2 - May 06, 2016, 11:42:59 AM


Oh.... :D You make me feel a little bit like "The Fiddler On The Roof" ("... if I were a rich man.....") ;) 
If I would have the money to pay you the full developement, I would have bougt xenforo and the plugin. My request would not be necessary.
Certainly, I understand you. Getting the developement paid, and having the possibility to sell it seperately, is certainly the best solution for you.
But, as I think, you will see, that it is very comfortable to have the possibility for copy & paste, especially if you have many pictures to handle, I think it would sell well, and even on your own developemant you might feel well with it.
Besides, I have some questions about mentions, I will post it tody. Pls. havwe a look at it.

THX and regards, mokko
#3 - May 15, 2016, 07:59:20 AM


Sure makko, I'll be checking your topic about mentions, about development i need to see if a mod i make can be either sell well or at least get development paid because it takes a long time to build mods no matter how small or simple they are :)

There are cases when i simply do them because i think they are interesting and others could take advantage of that, like Super Quote, but i don't use images that much so i won't be using that features that much if its integrated.

The main issue here is that SMF does not provides a default integration of inline attachments, so that must be sorted too, getting the file itself is quite quick.
#4 - May 15, 2016, 09:10:15 AM
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Thanks a lot about thinking about the plugin. I have many screenshots and pictures, I have to insert. I might imagine, many other people are concerned as well. The only thing is, you first must have the idea, it is possible to pase from the clipboard, then you will be fond of it.
For inline-attachments and PM-attacments there are already plugins, I use. (Have a look at the picture please)

regards, mokko

#5 - May 16, 2016, 07:14:07 AM


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