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SMFPacks Conversations

Much better than personal messages. Attachments, Invitations, Participants, Starred Conversations and more!

Entire Conversations!

Instead of singular messages you have full conversations which are easier to follow, read, reply, quote, and control. It also makes it possible to include many more features and possibilities! Invite new members and they'll see everything that was before their join, the owner keeps control over the conversations, is just a much better system!



Finally attachments in personal conversations! You can control if they are allowed and which files are accepted, you can also set the amount and size. All participants can view/download them, and the owner of each file keeps control to remove them! A much desired feature of SMF included in such a powerful mod!


Each conversation has its own group of participants, these are the people who can view the messages and attachments posted there. The owner of the conversation can specify if others can add participants to the conversation, and in admin panel you can specify the maximum amount of persons allowed per conversation.

Leave conversations

Leave Conversations!

You can easily leave conversations if you want to hide it from your list (soft remove) or you can also remove it completely from your account, in this case members won't be able to re-add you, as you have choosen to forget about the entire conversation!

Lock Conversations.

Owner can lock the conversation whenever he wants to, allowing him to easily set an end to the conversation, without having to remove it from anyones account. This gives additional control, and as members can remove themselves all your users are going to be able to control every conversation in their profile.
Lock Conversations

Starred Conversations

Starred Conversations!

Mark conversations as starred and you'll be able to easily see them whenever you want to, it's possible to filter conversations in order to only show those who have an star on them, so you can easily find those messages that are specially important for you. In administration there is an additional permission to let users star their conversations, allowing you to keep this feature to selected membergroups.

Powerful Admin Panel.

Control every aspect of this mod just like before! All from a centralized location where you can tweak a few settings, set related permissions, and also control all the functionality of attachments inside conversations. Everything can be managed in the same admin area.
Powerful Admin Panel

All the features from the past!

All the features from the past!

We have created this mod having in mind most of the features from Personal Messages, you can still search for messages, receive email notifications, have personal settings for messages, mark them as read, show a popup when new messages are received, and also mark the amount of new messages in the main menu. The only features that aren't included are rules and inbox due to the naturality of conversations.

Convert personal messages.

A converter is included in your purchase which is going to convert all the personal messages that you currently have into conversations! If messages were sent to multiple users they are going to be added to the same conversation too, losing messages is not an excuse to use this fantastic mod!
Convert personal messages

Control attachments

Control Attachments!

Control attachments inside conversations easily! You can disable them, or just not allow more, you can also specify how many are allowed per post, and which extensions are allowed too. Everything can be done with a few clicks!

What are other webmasters saying about this product?

"So powerful! Me and my users can have private groups thanks to this mod! It's much more than just personal messages, it's really cool, I really like it. Thanks a lot NIBOGO!"


"I was wondering when we were going to see something like this in SMF. I was really looking for something like this mod as I (and my members) already have seen similar features in other forum systems, so I'm extremely glad I can now give my users the same features without leaving SMF."


"This mod changes how my members interact. I really like the possibility of inviting new people without having to send them a copy of each old message, it's a lot nicer to browse messages now and just for the attachments this mod is more than useful."


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SMFPacks Conversations

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- SMFPacks Conversations.
- Copyright removed: No.
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- SMFPacks Conversations.
- Copyright removed: Yes.
- Full Support: Yes.
- Regular Price: $39.99.
- PROMOTIONAL Price: $29.99.