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SMF Downloads Directory

The best downloads system available for SMF! Chunks uploads, progress bar, full user control, external files and more!

Upload files by chunks!

Effortless upload of files using chunks! Allowing you to bypass your server limit by diving big files into multiple pieces which are then merge together by the mod! The best of all is that it works without anything from the user!


Multiple files per download with drag and drop!

The system allows you to choose one or multiple files per download, in case that you want to add a series of files in one simple page!

Multiple files

Separate images from files!

The downloads directory automatically separates files from images, allowing you to provide full beautiful pictures related with the file (screenshots, mockups, previews, you name it)!


Powerful customization per category!

Multiple options are provided enabling you to control everything inside a category! You can set a board where topics are created as soon as files are uploaded! Define the category own limits of uploads and extensions, a disclaimer forcing an agreement by the user before downloading, set its own permissions and much more! The system is extremely flexible!!

Category customization

Membergroups control!

Control, per membergroup, their:
  • Upload quota.
  • Wait time before being able to download files.
  • Wait time between downloads.
  • Maximum number of downloads per day!
Membergroups control

Ban users, only in the downloads system!

If someone is abusing the downloads system you can ban here for the entire directory or just for certain actions (like download files or comments), you can even set an expiration and provide a reason!

Ban users

Import files using FTP!

Have a set of files that you simply want to upload all at once? No problem! The downloads directory comes with the possibility to upload an entire set of files using FTP! Just upload them to the proper directory and add them into the system using the admin panel!

FTP Upload

Custom fields for downloads!

A powerful custom fields system is embedded into the system! Allowing you to define certain fields that match exactly what your website needs! You can make them mandatory and select between multiple field types! It is also possible to enable them only on certain categories!

Custom Fields

Convert from other downloads system!

Are you using the SMFHacks Downloads System or your downloads system relies entirely on the TinyPortal implementation? No problem! Both converters are available to get you up and running with our downloads directory!


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SMFPacks Downloads Directory

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- SMFPacks Downloads Directory.
- Copyright removed: No.
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- SMFPacks Downloads Directory.
- Copyright removed: Yes.
- Full Support: Yes.
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- PROMOTIONAL Price: $59.99.