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SMFPacks Auto Media Embedder

Automatically embed tweets, youtube videos, pins from Pinterest, Amazon products, Sheets from Google Drive, Pastebin, Reddit threads, Spotify songs and much more with just the link!

The content in your forum alive like never before!

SMFPacks Auto Media Embedder allows your community to automatically embed multumedia content from the most popular websites using just the link, so now all links to tweets will be replaced with the proper tweet card, the same applies to YouTube videos, sheets from Drive and much more!

100% Automatic

Your users won't have to do anything different! They can simply submit links and they will be automatically converted into the multimedia content!

The most popular sites are supported

  • Amazon Products
  • Tweets from Twitter
  • Facebook videos
  • Google Drive documents, Google+ status!
  • Pins from Pinterest
  • Videos from College Humor
  • Playlists from Spotify
  • ...and much more!

Old links are converted too!

Old links posted prior the installation of this mod will be embedded aswell! So your entire site can take advantage of such an amazing mod!

Simple configuration!

Configuring this mod is extremely easy! Right from your admin panel you have a master switch, can limit the number of embeds per page load and additionally toggle each site in case that you want to prevent embeds from certain domains!

Hassle-free installation!

This incredible mod works in all forums! Only one critical edit is required which is untouched by most forums and supported is given to those who can't install the mod!

How do I get support?

Do you have any question?

No more questions? Buy it right now!

SMFPacks Auto Media Embedder

SMFPacks Auto Media Embedder Copyright Removed

- SMFPacks Auto Media Embedder.
- Copyright removed: No.
- Full Support: Yes.
- Regular Price: $19.99.
- PROMOTIONAL Price: $14.99.
- SMFPacks Auto Media Embedder Copyright Removed.
- Copyright removed: Yes.
- Full Support: Yes.
- Regular Price: $24.99.
- PROMOTIONAL Price: $19.99.