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Easily choose between all the ranges of emojis to complement any post with the proper reaction!

Emojis for everything!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that emojis are the modern and funniest way to express yourself, as the old saying states: "a picture is worth a thousand words"!

Menu Editor

Arranged by categories

Every emoji belongs to a category which groups them in a way that they are easy to find! Users are already aware of the organization as it's the same that they have in their phones, so thus allows everyone to find the exact emoji easy and painless!

Button Edit

All colors skins are available

Diversity is a big deal in emojis! Therefore this mod already includes all the colors of skins available for emojis, allowing anyone to express just the way they want to!

Menu Icons

Emojis are here for bad reactions as well

Users will be able to express their feeling in a much more friendly way! Either a poop or an angry face, emojis work for every situation!

Font Awesome

Search emojis by keyword

Perhaps you can't find that emoji from your iphone, or you are simply too lazy to search! Don't worry! A filter bar is here to easily find the emoji you need!

Disable icons per user

All flags are available as well!

All flags are available in their own category, so emojis can be also a really cool way to interact with people all over the world!

Secondary Menu

Hassle-free installation!

Installation is done without any file edit! So it's going to work under any installation, it's as simple as plug and play!

Easy installation

How do I get support?

Do you have any question?

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SMFPacks Emoji Picker

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- SMFPacks Emoji Picker.
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- PROMOTIONAL Price: $14.99.