Since 2009

SMF Advanced Invitations System - Overview

Advanced invitations system fully integrated with SMF. Based on a credit system and with a lot of powerful features this is the ultimate way to get more users in your forum.

Email Invitations:

Quickly send invitations with keys thought forum interface.

Advanced Credits:

Give credits based on Karma, Posts or Days since registration.

Restrict Registration:

Force key, key as optional or disable key on registration.

Secure Keys:

Keys are generated with an unique id so uninvited guests can't get a valid key.

Expiration Date:

You can set for how many days each key is valid.

Log Invitations:

All actions made related with Invitations are automatically logged and showned on administration. It can be disabled.

Compatibility: SMF 2.0.x (All the 2.0 branch is supported since RC5).