Since 2009

SMF Dynamic Directory - Overview

The SMF Directory Mod allows you to quickly setup and easily maintain an advanced directory that's completely integrated with your SMF forums. Features include unlimited categories, comments, ratings, user favorites and much more! With a lot configuration settings and most every aspect can be enabled or disabled through your Directory Admin Panel.


Rename items and menu title to fit the Directory to your needs.

Upload Images:

Images are allowed to expand the possible uses of this mod.

Full Users Control:

Manage permissions profiles per categories and membergroups access.

Custom Fields:

Advanced custom fields allow you to set specific requeriments (with required fields) for your Directory.


Someone is making troubles? You can ban him for Directory with a full ban or ban for specific areas.

Track Features:

New/Popular items, RSS per Categories, Favorite Items, Share/Bookmark, Mark Unseen Items and more allows you to track new and interesting items.

Compatibility: SMF 2.0.x (All the 2.0 branch is supported since RC5).

How this can be useful for me?

With this mod and it powerful features you can do almost everything, with custom fields, the option to rename items and rename the menu title you can suit this mod to your needs, for example you can create a gallery, articles, tutorials system, places directory, garage mod, catalog, portafolio system, reviews and more can be done with this powerful mod.