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SMF Social Groups - Overview

Powerful Social Groups system that allows members to share information, interest, files and content about anything. Start your own social network with this mod.


This is the most powerful tool for socialization between your members everything can be do it with this mod

Attachments per Group:

Each group has it's own icon and attachments (if owner allows them) using its own extensions allowed and files size.

Members Subscriptions:

Each group can be free or require an approval to join from group owner or forum admin.

Group Threads:

Each group has its own threads and can be showned only for group members, threads aren't related in anyway with SMF Forum.

Group Events:

Each group has it's own events with start date, end date and location can be restricted only to group members.

Groups Icons:

Each group has its own icon, it can be uploaded or a link to an image, admin can restrict one of both options and set restrictions like maximun width/height and filesize.

Compatibility: SMF 2.0.x (All the 2.0 branch is supported since RC5). SMF 1.1.11 supports only SMF Social Groups 1.0 branch. (No added features since 2.0 are supported).