SMFPacks Mentions Pro!

Start @tagging members!

Much more than just user tagging!

Mention Membergroups

Mention membergroups! New

If enabled, users will be able to get the attention of all the members that belong to certain membergroups! This will make tagging much simple and easier!

Restrict mentions per board

Restrict mentions per board New

Right from your admin panel you'll be able to choose for which boards mentions will be available! In case that you don't want unnecesary trouble in certain boards!

SMFPacks Advanced Editor Compatible

SMFPacks Advanced Editor Compatible! New

This mentions mod is fully compatible with the terrific SMFPacks Advanced Editor Compatible right out of the box, nothing must be done from your side!

Mentions in quick edit

Mentions in quick edit! New

If you want to do a quick edit and notify someone about it this mod makes possible aswell! Mentions are integrated right into quick edit including suggestion for quick tagging!

Mentions admin panel

Fully configurable!

You can configure everything mentions-related with a few clicks! Our admin panel was designed to let you do more in less, from setting the order in which suggestions are retrieved or enabling warnings for members which cannot see the board, everything can be changed in seconds!

Per user settings

Per user settings!

Every user is free to choose how the mentions mod works for them. If they want to receive notifications via personal message, email, alerts and if they only want to load names from friends!

Mentions in profile

See mentions on your profile!

Every member can easily see where they were tagged in their profile! Allowing them to never miss a mention! This can be disabled to certain members using permissions.

Email Notifications

Email notifications:

Members can now be notified using email notifications too! And what could be better? Well that they are free to choose how they want to be notified!

Quick Reply Integration

Quick Reply integration!

You are able to easily mention members within the quick reply area box! Fully integrated on it, and in all themes!

Check board access

Check board access!

If a member doesn't has access to the board then a warning message is shown, so poster can know if tagged members can see the message.

Be Alerts

@Mention Notifications:

Members can be notified using our terrific SMFPacks Alerts Pro. In case that you don't have it you can notify them using Personal Messages and/or email.

Smart Autocomplete

Smart Autocomplete:

Member names are suggested while typing in order to easily find the member that you want to tag in the topic! This works for all member names, including the ones with spaces, numbers, or any other symbols.

Only show friends

Only show friends:

It's possible to select, by each member, if only his/her friends are shown in the suggestion box to do things easier for those friendly forums!



You can insert mention members in the WYSIWYG editor too! This allows you to use this useful mod in all scenarios!

Whisper other users

Great Performance:

This mod doesn't affects your server performance using cache in all the big queries, smart filter, and limiting the number of chars to do the tagging.


Just upload the package and install it! This mod works in all themes! We made this possible using integration hooks and other techniques to allow users to install this mod hassle-free!

What are other webmasters saying about this product?

"Using Mentions for a while now. Very Satisfied! 'tag' users is very helpfull!"


"Like all modules that I buy here, this mod have a fantastic and profesional finish. I'm very happy with smfpacks' mods, I sincerely recommend this mod and site."


"Simple install and setup. We're up and rocking! Thanks!!"


"My user base is (dare I say it) a little on the computer challenged side but they took to this like a duck to water. In the past they would create a post and then PM the users they had mentioned in the topic but now they no longer have to do this as it is all automatic. This in combination with Alerts Pro was a godsend for my forum as I have much less PM traffic now."


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SMFPacks Mentions Pro

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- SMFPacks Mentions Pro.
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- Full Support: Yes.
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- PROMOTIONAL Price: $29.99.