LATEST VERSION: 1.0.5 (2023-10-25) - COMPATIBLE WITH: SMF 2.1 and SMF 2.0

SMFPacks Menu Editor

Easy menu customization, add, remove, edit buttons within your admin panel!

Hassle-free menu customization

With the SMFPacks Menu Editor you will be able to heavily customize the main menu of your website right from your admin panel. It's extremely easy to add new buttons, modify existing ones, move buttons and remove the ones you don't want to show! Using simple clicks your menu can be edited the way you want it!

Menu Editor

Easy buttons edition

For each button you will be able to assign the link, the string shown (even with language strings), if it should be opened in the new or a new window, the icon (if enabled) using images or font awesome classes, the order and permissions of users that could see the button! Everything with just clicks!

Button Edit

Menu icons make your site much more user friendly!

If enabled you will be able to assign image icons to menu buttons using two methods: images and font awesome classes, both make the forum much more user friendly and better good looking for visitors!

Menu Icons

Font-Awesome gives you unlimitied icons!

If enabled, font-awesome is loaded within this mod, this gives you unlimitied icons for all your menu buttons! Simply choose the font-awesome class that you want to use in the icon and it'll be shown like an image! This works across all themes and gives you easy customization without having to add new images!

Font Awesome

Per user setting to hide icons

If icons are activated, each user will be able to turn them off right from their profile! In case that users dislike the way the menu looks, they will be able to easily turn them off to give the menu the old look it had!

Disable icons per user

Optional secondary menu, fully customizable!

Within the Menu Editor you can enable a secondary menu that can be placed above the footer or below the main menu, both locations work across all themes without any kind of edit allowing you to improve navigation without cluttering the main menu!

Secondary Menu

Move buttons with a click!

Re arranging the menu can be done with just a few clicks, simply click the move icon and select the new location of the selected button, and that's it! You'll have your menu organized just the way you always wanted!


Integration with mods!

Whenever a mod adds or removes a menu button the Menu Editor automatically detects the changes and adds the button to the customized menu! This works without having you to do anything additional or without having to integrate both mods, it just works out of the box! The mod is even compatible with complex mods like Portals and SimpleDesk!

Mods Integration

Manage complex permissions!

Every menu button have three ways to configure permissions: default (like the default items), per membergroup or with a custom php code! The first one is mostly used in buttons added by mods and the ones created by default by SMF, the other two options can be used to show specific buttons to certain users or under certain conditions writing php code!

Button Permissions

Fully compatible with all themes! No theme edits are required!

This mod works out of the box with all themes! You don't need to specify anything or even do any kind of theme edit! Both the main and secondary menus are placed in all themes right out of the box!


Simple configuration!

Configuration is quick and simple, just select how do you want to load Font-Awesome, if you want menu icons, the location and availability of the secondary menu and you are ready to go! In case that you feel your menu is broken, you can easily restore the original one with a click!

Menu Editor Settings

Hassle-free installation!

Installation is done doing some basic edits, no theme edits are required so this mod works across all themes! The pieces of code edited are untouched by most mods allowing you to install this mod in just seconds! The current menu you have is automatically stored as a backup and ready to be customized from the admin panel!

Easy installation

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SMFPacks Menu Editor

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- SMFPacks Menu Editor.
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