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Advanced Invitations System - Features

Discover all the cool features that makes this mod special and the best option for your community!.
Key Features List:

Customized Emails:
Custom Email Subject.
Custom Email Body.
Commands like {invited}, {url} and more.
User Custom Message if it's enabled.
Quickly send invitations on index if can be do it.
Option to disabled emails on Invitations.

Advanced Keys:
Give Credits based on:
- Karma.
- Posts.
- Days since Registration.
Amount of credits to receive depending on method.
Max Credits that Regular Users can have.
Allow users to have unlimitied credits.
Keys are generated with an unique ID can't be copied.
Days while keys are valid.
Option to add credits for expired keys.
Credits received on registration.

Extra Features:
Permissions for Invitations and Unlimitied Credits.
Force key, optional key or disabled keys on registration.
Invitations Logger.
Option to Show Members Invited on Profile.
Top Invitees on Stats.
Give Additional Credits to Specific Members.
Invitations Custom Menu Title.
Registered member with invitation is stored and showned.
Sort Keys by Expired, Active or All on Invitations Index.

Email Invitations:

Each member can send invitations keys using forum interface, user can set a custom message if it's allowed in Admin Panel, in case that not, user would be able to quickly send invitations in the Invitations Index just inserting recipient's name and email. You can set the default email format that is going to be showned with or without user custom message according to admin settings.

Advanced Credits:

Credits allows members to generate keys that are going to be used for the Invitations System each credit can be earned with three different methods these are: Karma, Posts and Days since registration, you set how many credits are given for each post, karma or day and you can set the maximun amount of credits that users can have if they don't have the Unlimitied Credits permission in addition to this you can easily add custom credits to specific users thought your forum interface.

Registrations based on Invitations:

Invitations system can work in three functions on registrations these are the three methods: Disabled when you want to totally disable the invitations system so no matter if guest has a key he can't use it, the second method is Passive where user can (or not) use a key on registration and finally we have the Forced method where key is required on registration if guests doesn't have one he would be unable to register in the forum.