Since 2009

SMF Advanced Topic Prefix - Overview

This is the ultimate prefixes system fully integrated with SMF, this mods allows to Prefixes Manager to customize, configure and create unlimitied prefixes to be used for a lot of purposes like moderation, topics solved/unsolved, organize topics or any other purpose.


Filter search results by prefix!.

HTML Format:

Customize each prefix using HTML, allowing endless combinations!.


Set a color for prefixes to give them a better looks.

Format Prefixes:

Easily format prefixes with four mixed options: Bold, Italic, Underlined and Strikethrough.


You can set an image instead of a regular text.

Custom Order:

Easily order prefixes with a custom pattern, or automatically order them based on various methods.

Hyperlink on Prefixes:

You can easily add an hyperlink to each prefixes.

Filter Topics by Prefixes:

There is an option to filter topics by it prefix in that way you (and your users) can find related topics easily it can be disable and collapsed.

Compatibility: SMF 2.0.x (All the 2.0 branch is supported since RC5) | SMF 1.1.X users can use the 2.0 branch of Advanced Topic Prefix (Not the latest).