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Advanced Topic Prefix - Comparison

Compare with related products and see why our mod is the best!.

Advanced Topic Prefix by SMFPacksLite Topic Prefix Mod by SMFPacksPostprefix by JayBachatero
SMF 1.1.X Support
SMF 2.0.X Support
Multidatabase Support
Select Boards where each prefix can be used
Select Membergroups allowed to use each Prefix
Cache on Prefixes
Active Development
Custom Support
Prefix Color
Prefix Hyperlink
Prefix Format (Bold, Strike, Italic and Underlined)
Prefix Image
Custom Sort of Prefixes
Activate/Disactivate Each Prefix
Custom Select Prefix Label
Prefixes in Portals
Sort Topic by Prefixes
Advanced Admin Panel with Settings
Quick Moderation Integration
Quick Administration
Auto-Order Prefixes based on Date or Title (Desc or Asc)
Multilanguage Support