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Advanced Topic Prefix - Features

See why our product is an impressive addon for your community.
Key Features List:

Extreme Customization:
Prefix Color.
Prefix Image.
Format Prefix.
Prefix Hyperlink.
Custom Order.
Prefixes on Portals.

Full Control:
HTML Format for Prefixes
Powerful but simple admin panel.
Boards where prefix can be used.
Membergroups that can use the prefix.
Settings to disable the filter topics by prefix block.
Change the Select Prefix label to a custom text from admin.

Extra Features:
Search using prefixes!
Option, per board, to require prefix on new topics
Filter topics by prefix block.
Each user cna collapse the filter topics block.
Prefixes are cached for better performance.
Prefixes are showned in all areas where is possible.
Quickly sort prefixes alphabetic or for date.
Set a topic as the first or last with a click.

Colors on Prefixes:

Customize each prefix according to your theme and preferences, this is a really great way to make the difference between each prefix and it can be really useful in case that you want to simply give a better look to them and in case that you don't know what color to use ATP includes a really easy to use color picker to help you with your choice.

Filter Topic by Prefix:

Usually prefixes are used to organize topics based on its content that is why each user can be looking for topics with a determinated prefix with that in mind ATP includes a awesome way to filter topics by prefixes, this option can be collapsed be each user and it can be totally disabled in the admin panel.

Images on Prefixes:

We know that a pictures worth more than 1000 words, that is why we include an option to replace regular texts with images for prefixes, it's just another to customize your prefixes and expand the functionality of this mod in that way you can give a better look to your forum and give a new meaning to your topics.