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SMF Dynamic Directory - Features

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Key Features List:

Advanced Categories:
Unlimitied Categories and Subcategories.
Redirection Categories
Per Category Membergroups Access.
Permissions Profiles per Categories.
RSS Feeds per Category.

Adding Content:
Image per Item.
Item Tags.
Item Website is allowed.
Item Website Pagerang can be showned.
Item Description
Item Comments using the same SMF Style.

Extra Features:
Report Items.
Rating System per Item.
Send to Friend Item.
Categories Icon based on unseen items.
Unseen items are marked with a "New" Icon.
Bans for Directory, Full Ban or based on Four Options.
Cache is used when Possible for Server Performance.
Powerful Search System.
Advanced Stats Page.
Favorite Items are allowed per user.
What's New since various dates.
What's Popular based on various aspects.
Bookmark/Share Item.
Approved/Unapproved Items.

Full Customization:

This is a really Dynamic mod you can easily set this mod for a lot of purposes, articles, icons directory, tutorials, songs, portafolio, catalog, garage and more. With this in mind you can rename Items to what your directory is about, for example: Car, Icon, Article... in addition to this you can rename menu title access to Directory with a custom title like Garage, Icons, Articles, etc.

Custom Fields:

Custom fields is the best way to expand the power of this mod, in case that you want to create a tutorial system you can easily create fields like Time Required, Requirements, Difficult or if you want to create a cell phones catalog you can add files like Bluetooth, Camera, Networks and more as each field can be a checkbox, textbox, textarea, select dropdown or radio buttons in addition to this you can set what fields are required and in which categories are available.

Item Images:

In some cases images can be really useful that is why you can (or not) allow images in your directory, these are stored in a selected path of your server and thumbnails are automatically generated and showned where is needed to avoid problems with the layout of the Directory and you can set a default image url in case that the user didn't upload an image.