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SMF Downloads Directory - Features

Discover all the cool features that makes this mod special and the best option for your community!.
Key Features List:

Advanced Categories:
Unlimitied Categories and Subcategories.
Per Category Download Disclaimer.
Per Category Membergroups Access.
Per Category Allowed Extensions.
Per Category File Size Allowed.
Per Category Disallow Screenshots and Upload of Files.
Per Category Board and Prefix to create Support Topic.
Permissions Profiles per Categories.

Users Control:
Upload Quota Limit based on Membergroups.
Between Downloads Wait Time based on Membergroups.
Download Wait Time based on Membergroups.
Maximun Downloads per Day based on Membergroups.

Adding Content:
Multi-Files per Downloads.
Download Tags.
Custom Fields with a lot of Options.
Simple or Advanced Uploader Selected by the User.
External Files are allowed.

Extra Features:
Estimated Download Times.
Slimbox or SMF Style for show full size screenshots.
Report, Send and Share (AddThis Script) downloads.
Ajax Rating System per downloads.
Categories Icon based on unseen downloads.
Unseen downloads are marked with a "New" Icon.
Bans for Downloads, Full Ban or Four Options.
Cache is used when Possible for Server Performance.
SMF Downloads System Converter.
Powerful Search System.
Advanced Stats Page.
Favorite Downloads are allowed per user.
FTP Import is allowed.
Files are automatically encrypted.

Advanced Uploader:

The SMF Downloads Directory integrates a powerful and advanced uploader, this feature allows you to see the upload progress in that way you'll know how everything is going on in addition to this this uploader is totally integrated with your settings (extensions and files size). But, just in case, simpler uploader is included too. Each user can select what is the default uploader that they want to use in their profile settings additionally you can totally disabled the advanced uploader if you want it.

Full Control:

You have full control of what users can do, there are 4 restrictions based on membergroups: Upload Quota, Download Wait Time, Between Downloads Wait Time and Maximun Downloads Allowed per Day with this options you can manage all your resources, in addition to this there are Permission Profiles and Allowed Membergroups per Category to expand the control over your users.

Downloads Screenshots:

We know that a pictures worth more than 1000 words, that is why screenshots are supported in Downloads Directory, screenshots are stored in its own directory and has its own size limit globally or per categories additionally you can select in which categories screenshots are allowed and they are uploaded just like regular files but they are identified by the mod and showned as screenshots.

Full Conversion:
You can easily convert from SMF Downloads System or TinyPortal Downloads Module all the data that can be imported is converted, the ID of each downloads is respected in that way you can easily redirect from the old url style to the new one. Conversion is easy and intuitive but full support for it is given.

Full Stats:
Full stats are included with a lot of pretty useful data about the Downloads Directory there you can see everything you need to know from Largest Files (and categories) to the Total Files Size in case that you don't want to display this info to your members you can disable it in your powerful admin panel.

FTP Import:
You can easily import files from a directory of your FTP to the Downloads Directory in that way you can create a lot of downloads in a really short time you only need to upload the files that you want to import, select in which category do you want to created the downloads and voala!. Everything is going to be imported!.