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SMFPacks Facepunch | Rates Mod

Increase socialization, incentivate members and create new ways to interact with your community, you can customize all the types of rating and you set the value of each one of them. Fun, easy to use, customizable, it's the perfect for any community!

Custom Rates!

Create your own types of rating, just set the name, icon, value, boards where allowed and if it is shown only at first post and you are ready to go. There is also a list of people who rated each post available, and every rate can be removed easily. With rates you have endless possibilities to give your community the boost it was needing!

Less garbage, more fun!

All those "+1" or "Thank you" posts are part of the past, they were not good for SEO nor for having real discussions, with Rates your members can express in a funnier and more direct way, and the best of all is that this feature is going to increase real posting as your members are going to look for a full-green bar and several points in their profile!

Better Membergroups Promotion!

Now you can promote members to member groups based on the amount of rates received! Now all those spammers are not going to be the ones in the "Super Member" group, only the people that gave real content to the community. This is a huge feature that increase relevant content instead of crappy posts!

Search for Real Content

Searching should be as fast as possible, that is why your members are going to love Rates integration with Searching, just set the minimun amount of rates required for the post or/and the topic that contains it, in that way they can be sure the content they found is actually interesting.

Hide Bad Messages

With rates every member of your community can be a moderator as you can set the a minimun number of rates at which a post is automatically soft-hide in order to punish those bad ass of your community!

Find the Real Solution to a topic easily

An ordered list of rated posts is available, so you can easily find the post that actually solves the problem or provides important information. It can be disabled in administration in case that you don't like it for your forum.

But wait! There is even more:

- Admin-defined Types of Rates
- User's Rates Bar (Green/Red)
- Enable Rates only in first post per-board
- Full permissions control
- Remove Rates with a click
- Member Groups Promotion based on Rates
- Search with minimun rates required
- Ordered List of Rated Posts per Topic
- Top 10 Rated Users and Topics in Stats
- Auto-Hide Bad Messages based on rates received
- Apply Opacity when mouse is not over
- List of Rates per Post
- Rates Given at Profile
- Rates Received at Profile
- Show Rates at Member List
- Show Rates at Personal Messages
- Increase Real Posts
- Powerful Admin Panel
- Optionally Show Rates of Members as numbers
- Full Ajax Support in all the mod
- Full SMFPacks Alerts Integration

What are other webmaster saying?

"Rates | Facepunch Mod is a highly versatile mod that can imitate the Likes Mod. Want to have more than one different "likes"? no problem! Want to have "unlikes" or negative likes? no problem! In my opinion, this can serve as a Karma system (or reputation) and Likes system combined! Basically 2 for the price of one!"


"Is very interactive and nice! Thanks for making it!"


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