Frequently Asked Questions

Payments & Sales

Payments & Sales:

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with PayPal, Bitcoins and directly with Credit Card processed PayU.

How about security in payments?

We're working with PayPal, a very known company that has been in business since 1998, one of the main reason we're with them is security, they have a strong system that secure payments for buyer and seller, if you're interested in learn about this check the PayPal Security Page. Bitcoinpay is our payment processor of bitcoins which also has strong security measures, just like PayU which is the payment processor for all the payments done directly with Credit Card.

Do you offer any discounts if I purchase more than one license?

Yes, in case that you want to purchase 3 or more licenses please contact us and we will contact you to apply the discount to your order.

Can I get a Trial Version of any product?

Sorry, but the moment we cannot provide trial versions.

Can I get a refund?

No, as soon as access has been given to a user there are no refunds.

What about new updates of purchased products?

All products came with 1 year of free updates! As soon as the year is over you can use add a new year of updates paying the update fee ($15 for most of our products); however, if you do not pay and your subscription expires you can retain the mod at the same domain, the only difference is that you are not going to receive further updates until you renew it.

Why should I trust SMFPacks?

SMFPacks is operated by a team member of SimpleMachines, but SMFPacks and it services aren't related in anyway with Simple Machines, we also have a great reputation with a lot of happy customers, additionally we manage all our payments throught PayPal so your money is more than secure.

What about copyright removal?

Copyright removal is an additional option that can be (or not) purchased with the product, you can't remove the copyright of SMFPacks if you didn't purchase the copyright this is going to cancel your licence and we're going to report the case to your hosting company, if you are interested in copyright removal after you paid for a product please contact us.

Do you offer discounts for non profit/charity/academic organizations?

No, the same discount that is offered to regular websites are provided for this kind of organizations.

I have purchased a license. Am I allowed to run two or more copies of any product?

No. You must hold a valid license for each individual installation of any software (regardless of whether the two installations are on the same domain name or server). For example, if you wish to install one copy at and another copy at, you will require two licenses.


What support do you offer with your products?

All our products come with personal support throught our tickets system or our support board, you can easily contact us and let us know about any problem, you're going to receive support as long as you licence is active.

Do you offer translations of your mods?

Some mods are translated into some languages, all of them are done by customers and supporters, so if you require a translation please ask in our Pre-Sales Questions Board.

Do you offer installation of your products?

Installation isn't offered with our products; however, if you have any problem during installation you can open a ticket and we're going to help you as soon as possible.

How do I get my packs?

As soon as you do the payment you get access to our clients area, helpdesk and other features that are only available for customers, also a PM is sent with all the info that you need to know.

What version of SMF does your products support??

Depeding of the product, you should check the page of our Product and see if it supports your SMF version. If you have questions about it just Contact Us.

Where I can get more info about any product?

There are two ways to know more about any of our products, you can post your question in our Pre-Sales Questions Board or you can Contact Us.