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SMF Links Directory by SMFPacksSMF Links by vbgamer45
SMF 1.1.X Support
SMF 2.0 RC3 Support
Multidatabase Support
Links Maintenance Mode & Reason
Settings & Customization:
Check if website was already submitted
Automatically add meta data as tags and description
Check if website exists
Show website pagerank on details
Show alexa rank on details
Allow Websites Tags
Allow Search Function
Active the Link-Us Function
Allow users to send links to their friends
Allow Users to Report Links
Show Previous & Next Links on Details
Display a Permission Info Block on Links and List
Allow users to track categories using RSS
Require Image Verification Submitting a Website (Only Guests)
Require Image Verification on Search Page (Only Guests)
Require Image Verification Commenting a Website (Only Guests)
Require Image Verification Sending Link to a Friend (Only Guests)
Allow Users to Report Links
Allow Guest to Send Links to Friends
Basic Features:
Links Screenshot
Complete Links Stats
Unlimitied Categories and Subcategories
Redirection Categories
Link Redirect
Link Details
Advanced Rating System based on 5 Levels
Approval List/Unapprove Links
Comment Links
Link Description
Default Description based on Meta Description
Full Curve Integration
Automatically Add "http://" to Links
Option to check if website exists
Option to Reject Already Submitted Links
Advanced Features:
Report Link/Reported Links
List My Links
Favorite Links
Link-Us Banners
New Links based on Time
Popular Links based on Rates, Views and Comments
Search Links
Track Links per Categories using RSS
Categories Icon based on Unseen Links
Mark Unseen Links
Links Tags (Suggested by Meta Tags)
Link Pagerank
Alexa Details
Send Links to Friend
Permission Info on Lists and Links
IndexSMF Links Directory Index by SMFPacks.comSMF Links Index by vbgamer45