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SMFPacks Products License:

Copyright © 2008-2020, and it owner Nicolas "NIBOGO" B.
All rights reserved.

  • This package/product is provided as is and without any warranty.
  • All copyright notices in source files or otherwise generated shall remain intact without modification. The name of the package and links to associated websites must remain in clear view for all users.
  • Distribution of this package is not allowed
  • Use the MOD at your own risk. The author does not assume any responsibility for any problems or loss of data.
  • Product/Package License can be only used for one (1) SMF Live Installation and one (1) local installation (Local Server) for tests purposes, for additional licenses please contact our staff.
  • There are no refunds, these are digital goods and you can contact us if you need to know about any special request you may have, please read the description of each product carefully before purchasing.
  • Product price and features can be changed without any notification however old customers can use the product no matter what change was done on it.
  • Each product comes with free updates for one year. The price for one additional year of updates changes between each product.
  • Each license is attached to one (1) domain, if you need to change it please contact us, but keep in mind you can only change the domain of a license one (1) time and you can do it only if the purchase was made less than 6 months ago.