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Nebula Theme
Nebula Theme:

This theme has being created with multiple principles in mind: responsiveness, multicolor, new features and obviously an amazing look & feel! Here we're going to review some of the amazing features built into Nebula:


Nebula supports right from the scratch four color variations: red, yellow, green and blue (default). From admin panel you can choose the default variation and even allow members to choose their own!

We've made Nebula responsive, every aspect from this theme has being designed with small and big screens in mind, just give it a try with your smartphone or tables to see how our website still gives you an amazing experience!

Animations are a great way to achieve some life at your forum, simply place your mouse on some icons and you'll see how they are rotated, go over an avatar in a topic to see how a page-feel effect is being applied or put your mouse over topic's lines to icons opacity being removed.

CSS Badges:

Old badges powered by images are so old and boring, that's why we included CSS badges for posts and topics! Each author has the badge automatically created with the name of the group and a gradient based on the colors you've choosen for each membergroup!
Profile Shortcuts:

Your profile menu never gave you so much! Click it and you'll get access to all important areas of your forum! This great addition gives you instant access to most forum areas with a simple click, increasing the way you navigate and pages load.
Enhanced searching:

Search box makes things a lot easier, if you're on a topic you'll be able to choose to search only on that topic or board, the same applies where you're on a board and if you've access to the member list you'll be able to search members from there too!

Attachments icons:

Icons representing each attachment are automatically added by our theme to make them more intuitive and better looking at your forum!
Compatibility with mods:

Nebula was made to make transition easy between themes, allowing you to get started quite quickly. Support for all other mods is also possible due to how the code was written to preserve SMF style and important syntax to reduce problems on mods installation.
Easy theme customization:

it's possible to choose if you want both the community name and a logo, or just the later. You're able to turn on/off features like the go to sky button or image badges (just for this theme). It's also possible to choose the logo style, background color or set a background image.
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