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SMF Social Groups - Features

Discover all the cool features that makes this mod special and the best option for your community!.
Key Features List:

Group Comments.
Group Attachments.
Group Threads.
Group Events.
Group Members.
Group Icon:
- Can be uploaded.
Group Restrictions:
Group Owner can disabled attachments.
Content can be restricted to Group Members.
Free or Requestable Subscription.
Members awaiting approval.
Moderate Group Members by Owner
Admin can change group owner easily.
Admin can restrict each group to certain Membergroups.

Extra Features:
Powerful Admin Panel every aspect can be changed.
Disabled Attachment in all the System.
Allowed Extensions.
Maximun Files Size.
Groups Approval.
Unlimitied Categories and Subcategories.
Categories Icon based on Unseen Groups.
Automatically Resize Groups Icons using JavaScript.
Unseen Groups are marked with a "New" Icon.
Various Blocks on Index are Included.
PM Notifications for Approval Requests and Subscriptions.
Cache is used when Possible for Server Performance.
Powerful Search System.
Advanced Stats Page.


This is the main feature of SMF Social Groups, with this powerful mod you can increase the socialization of your forum and give your members a better interaction between them with features like comments, attachments, groups members, events and threads your members can easily share content, opinions, feedbacks and ideas about related interests.

Group Threads:

Each group has its own threads that can be created only be group members and it content can be restricted to members too, each thread can be locked by its owner and obviouslly has replies so members can follow a discussion only for people interested (group members) the best part is that these threads are totally independent to SMF Topics they are created in its own part of the database and are managed directly in Social Groups interface. This is a great way to increase the socialization of your groups.

Group Gallery/Attachments:

Each group has its own gallery/attachments that an be pretty useful for share content and important files related to what the group is about, using the SMF Attachments System but with its own extensions allowed and maximun files size, it's a great way to let your members socialize between them and each group owner can disabled this feature for his group and this feature can be totally disabled from your admin panel too.

Members Management:
Each group owner can manage which users can be members of his group, this can be avoided too selecting the group as free subscription, in Requestable Subscription, member must send his request and group owner receives a PM about this action them owner can easily manage members awaiting approval and approve or reject their requests, in case that it gets approved, requester receive a PM about it.

Group Events:
Each group has its own events so members can easily share events related with their group, each event has an start date, location, event title and end date this is a pretty nice way to increase the possible uses of this mod and allows members to give information about important events that can be of interest of group members and it can be restricted only to group members.

Powerful Admin Panel:
Social Groups comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to easily change every aspect of this mod with a click from basic features like Group Gallery to the design like what blocks show or disabled on index. It comes too with Social Groups that are awaiting approval and it let you know when a new version of this mod is available.