Theme Club

The SMFPacks Theme Club members can download all our current (and future) SMF themes. Including:

→ Nebula

→ Blux

→ Laguna

→ Manchester

→ Factory

→ Informative

→ Aluminum

→ Simple

→ Darkly

→ Fame

→ Sky


Regular Theme Club

Price: $39.99
Support: Yes
Copyright: SMFPacks copyright included

Theme Club Copyright Removed

Price: $59.99
Support: Yes
Copyright: No copyright included


Can I buy a single theme?

Sure, just access to it at the themes homepage and you'll be able to get one if you want to.

Can I use my themes after my subscription expired?

Yes, renewal is optional and gives you access to support and updates, you can opt to not renew and keep using the themes in the licensed domain.

What's the length of the subscription?

The theme club subscription works for one year. After that year you can re-pay it or just ignore and use the themes you downloaded, if you do not renew it you won't be able to receive updates, new themes, nor support.

Which payments are accepted?

Which SMF versions are supported?

All the SMF 2.0 branch (2.0.15, 2.0.14, 2.0.13...)
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