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Main News / SMFPacks Multimedia Gallery Released!
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on March 12, 2013, 11:07:39 PM to NIBOGO
Today we're doing a new release! Our brand new SMFPacks Multimedia Gallery Mod! This is a full-featured multimedia (photos, videos, audio, youtube videos, dailymotion videos or vimeo videos) gallery mod that gives you all the control over it, you can allow any of those type per category, extensions allowed for them and the maximun filesize, this gallery adds Paid Subsmission that allows members to set their submissions at the top of lists with a price that you can define, and there is even more. Here are some of the features:

- Admin-defined Albums (With custom order)
- User Albums
- Latest Image as album icon
- Full permissions control
- Add Watermark to Photos
- Custom Fields for gallery items
- Photos, Audio and Videos Allowed
- Share Images on Social Networks
- RSS Feeds per category
- Auto-Resizing of Photos
- Powerful edition of Photos
- Rate Images
- Slideshows per category
- EXIF Support
- Photo Location using OPM
- Member Tagging
- Full SMFPacks Alerts Integration
- Full Stats Page of the Gallery
- Search System Built-in
- Regular tagging system
- Paid Promotion using PayPal
- Import items using FTP
- Membergroups Quota
- Ban System for the Gallery
- Comments System (Report & Approve)
- Report Items
- And even more!
Hope you enjoy this new gallery mod! It's already available with an introductory price lower than the regular price. Go and tell your friends about it! This is the gallery that every SMF community should have!
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