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Main News / SMF Mobile Theme released!
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on July 15, 2015, 05:29:43 PM to NIBOGO

Hello everyone!

I've decided to work in a mobile theme for SMF based on the new Google rule about mobile devices (which forces website to have a mobile-ready site to not being penalized). Some of you may know that I've some themes for sale at which are responsive, so they pass Google's rule; however, I received some feedback from customers which didn't want to have a massive theme change, and they only wanted to give their users a good mobile experience, the result of those feedbacks is now here:

SMF Mobile Theme is a SMF Theme which was designed for mobile devices using the popular jQuery Mobile. The basic idea was to simply use that framework and create the templates based on mobile screens, optimizing the size of the screen and trying to keep the most popular SMF features in the way. As jQ Mobile is extremely popular you maybe aware of another theme using the same framework, the choice is up to you about getting one or another, please check the SMF Mobile Theme website if you've questions about it.

The Mobile Theme had been released with 8 colors variations, those were specially designed to feel and behave nicely with all the usual elements of a mobile website, but if they aren't enough you can customize your SMF Mobile Theme using the jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller: this tools allows you to visually modify the look & feel of the theme, so you can make it match your website style.

If you're a Theme Club member of you'll get a free copy of this theme too, just contact me to setup your account :)
Main News / SMF Likes Pro Mod v1.2! Preview List of Likers Added!
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on December 17, 2013, 02:14:06 PM to NIBOGO
Today we've released the v1.2 version of the SMF Likes Pro Mod, in this release we've added the preview list of likers, you can see how this works with below screenshots:

It works just great, it's great with performance and it's going to enhance the way people interact with the Likes System in your forum, if you don't know this mod yet, take a look to this post:

Enjoy it!
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