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Dear Valued SMFPacks Community,

As the holiday season approaches, we want to express our gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm for enhancing your SMF forums with our top-notch mods. To show our appreciation, we're thrilled to announce our Black Friday extravaganza, bringing you incredible discounts on all our products, themes, and packs!

🌟 Black Friday Promotion Details:

Discount: 35% off on all products, themes, and packs
Validity: Limited time offer - act fast to secure your savings!
Coupon Expiry Date: December 1, 2023

🚀 Introducing SMFPacks Post History Mod:
Dive into the latest addition to our lineup - the SMFPacks Post History Mod! Empower your community with the ability to track and explore the evolution of discussions effortlessly. It's a game-changer for forum engagement and moderation.

Check it out here:

 📦 Discover the Ultimate Pack - Your All-in-One Solution:
Exciting news for our devoted community! Unveiling the SMFPacks Ultimate Pack - your passport to the entire suite of SMF 2.1 compatible mods. Elevate your forum experience with the comprehensive collection at an unbeatable value.

Get it while it's hot:

How to Redeem Your Exclusive Black Friday Discount:


Browse our extensive selection of mods, themes, and packs.

Add your desired items to the cart.

Apply the coupon code NEWBLACKOFF during checkout.

Enjoy a 35% discount on your purchase!
November 22, 2022, 08:35:01 AM
Looking for a way to make your SMF forum system even better? Look no further than our black Friday sale on all our products and themes with 35% off! From improved SEO capabilities to amazing social login, we have everything you need to make your forum the best it can be. So don't wait, use the coupon BLACKOFF and apply the discount starting now and until November 29!

You can still pay with any method you want: Credit Card, Bitcoins, or PayPal!
March 08, 2022, 12:10:11 AM
Hello everyone!

Today we have uploaded all the mods that have been upgraded to support SMF 2.1, the final list of mods that are ready to download by our customers is the following:




At the moment there are no plans to upgrade all the other mods or themes to SMF 2.1 Final. If you are planning to upgrade to SMF 2.1 this is a perfect time as all your favorite mods are compatible now and we are also offering a 10% OFF discount for all products using the coupon UPGRADE which is available until March 20.
Main News / BLACK FRIDAY 2021!
November 26, 2021, 09:27:05 AM is celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday starting TODAY! From now and until December 1 there will be an unbeatable discount on every Pack, Mod, and Theme (renewals included!). All products will have an amazing 35% OFF! To use this coupon, simply into the discount page add the coupon: "BLACK35"!

You can still pay with any method you want: Credit Card, Bitcoins, or PayPal!

Do not hesitate and take advantage of this promotion as this will be the last one of this year :D
December 31, 2020, 10:52:17 AM

With 2020 coming to a close, we wanted to reach out and send our best wishes to you and yours! I hope that 2021 holds success and good fortune in any endeavor you pursue. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your community this year.

Thank you for supporting during this challenging year, see you in 2021!

#6 is celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday starting TODAY! From now and until December 5 there will be an unbeatable discount on every Pack, Mod, and Theme (renewals included!). All products will have an amazing 35% OFF! To use this coupon, simply into the discount page add the coupon: "BLACK35"!

You can still pay with any method you want: Credit Card, Bitcoins, or PayPal!

Do not hesitate and take advantage of this promotion as this will be the last one of this year :D

Main News / Stay at home discount!
April 24, 2020, 12:39:42 PM
Hi folks,

I know a lot of you are stuck at home right now, and your communities are undoubtedly a really nice way to keep communicating with people during these difficult times, so I've put all my mods on 20% off, that way you will be able to enhance the way that you and your members are using your website to share some time and communicate. This is the coupon that you need to activate to get the discount: STAYATHOME.

This coupon will be active until May 15!

Thank you for doing your part!

Hello everyone and welcome back to!

There is some big news today! I'm releasing the amazing SMFPacks CMS (Content Management System), which is the coolest system available for Simple Machines Forums to manage all your content: Portal, Articles, Sliders, File Manager and much more!

Here's a video introduction to all the amazing features included:

And finally, here you can learn more about the product and you can also order your own copy:
#9 is celebrating Black Friday and Cybermonday starting tonight! From now and until December 5 with are offering an amazing discount on every Pack, Mod and Theme (including renewals!). All products will have an amazing 25% OFF in their regular price! To enable the discount simply use the coupon: "25OFFNOW" on checkout! It applies to purchases made with Credit Card, Bitcoins and PayPal!

What are you waiting for? It's time to get everything you were looking for with a big discount

On October 23 is having its 10 years anniversary! Please join us in our celebration as all the gifts are for you :) From today until October 24 there is going to be an amazing discount of 30% OFF in all our products (Mods, Themes, Packs, you name it!), it's the way I would like to thank you all for being here over this amazing 10 years, it has been a great time for me and I cannot stress enough how important this website has become as I've been able to know a lot of great people and unbelievable communities.

Thanks to everyone that has been involved! I'm extremely proud to have more than 30 products being used by hundreds and hundreds of websites all across the globe, from Asia to America I've been able to see sites using all SMFPacks products over the years which was something that I couldn't imagine when all this started with the Social Groups product (the first product for sale :D).

Use the coupon 10YEARS on checkout to get the discount 
Main News / SMFPacks Emoji Picker Released!!!
March 19, 2019, 09:34:16 AM

Hello everyone 

Today is a wonderful day , in we are releasing a brand new mod that is going to undoubtly improve the way that users communicate within your community , as you probably know by now is the addition of an emoji picker right within your website, regardless of the browser or the device that the user is using 

The wonderful emoji picker is really simple to use, and it's quite similar to the ones found in this days:

It includes all the categories that users are used to, and it also includes a filter to easily find every emoji Additionally it also includes all the color skins for emojis, allowing your users to express themselves the way they actually want to 

and get it while it's hot: SMFPacks Emoji Picker Mod
Main News / SMFPacks Mods Updated for SMF 2.1 RC1!
February 20, 2019, 12:10:55 AM

Hello everyone!

As you maybe aware SMF 2.1 RC1 has been released, this new version of SMF includes plenty of new features that are more than welcome for most communities! We always want to give you access to the latest products, therefore we've been working hard during the last few weeks getting products updated for SMF 2.1 RC1!

The current state of mods updated to work with the latest release of SMF 2.1 RC1 includes the following:

In top of the compatibility with the release candidate, some of these updated products include new features or bugs that were addressed in those releases. The current roadmap of pending mods to be updated is the following:

  • Facepunch.
  • Invitations.
  • Dynamic Directory.
  • Social Groups.
  • Links Directory.
  • Downloads Directory.
  • Mentions.

For the moment SMFPacks Likes Pro is still being under consideration since there are plenty of features that could be offered to 2.1 implementation of likes (just like the update planned with Mentions).

All mentioned products are available to current customers, go grab them as soon as possible from your Client Area!
Black Friday and Cybermonday are here, and here in we love them just like you do! Because of that we are giving you once again an incredible discount on every Pack, Mod and Theme (including renewals!), all products have an amazing 25% OFF! To enable the discount simply use the coupon: "25OFFNOW" on checkout! It applies to purchases made with Credit Card, Bitcoins and PayPal!

Sale ends November 29, so hurry up and grab everything you can before someone else does ;)

Great news everyone! Today we are releasing our 24th product! The extremely useful SMFPacks Menu Editor! With this amazing mod you will be able to easily modify the menu of your community right from your admin panel! Below is the list of features:

Hassle-free menu customization

With the SMFPacks Menu Editor you will be able to heavily customize the main menu of your website right from your admin panel. It's extremely easy to add new buttons, modify existing ones, move buttons and remove the ones you don't want to show! Using simple clicks your menu can be edited the way you want it!

Easy buttons edition

For each button you will be able to assign the link, the string shown (even with language strings), if it should be opened in the new or a new window, the icon (if enabled) using images or font awesome classes, the order and permissions of users that could see the button! Everything with just clicks!

Menu icons make your site much more user friendly!

If enabled you will be able to assign image icons to menu buttons using two methods: images and font awesome classes, both make the forum much more user friendly and better good looking for visitors!

Font-Awesome gives you unlimitied icons!

If enabled, font-awesome is loaded within this mod, this gives you unlimitied icons for all your menu buttons! Simply choose the font-awesome class that you want to use in the icon and it'll be shown like an image! This works across all themes and gives you easy customization without having to add new images!

Per user setting to hide icons

If icons are activated, each user will be able to turn them off right from their profile! In case that users dislike the way the menu looks, they will be able to easily turn them off to give the menu the old look it had!

Optional secondary menu, fully customizable!

Within the Menu Editor you can enable a secondary menu that can be placed above the footer or below the main menu, both locations work across all themes without any kind of edit allowing you to improve navigation without cluttering the main menu!

Move buttons with a click!

Re arranging the menu can be done with just a few clicks, simply click the move icon and select the new location of the selected button, and that's it! You'll have your menu organized just the way you always wanted!

Integration with mods!

Whenever a mod adds or removes a menu button the Menu Editor automatically detects the changes and adds the button to the customized menu! This works without having you to do anything additional or without having to integrate both mods, it just works out of the box! The mod is even compatible with complex mods like Portals and SimpleDesk!

Manage complex permissions!

Every menu button have three ways to configure permissions: default (like the default items), per membergroup or with a custom php code! The first one is mostly used in buttons added by mods and the ones created by default by SMF, the other two options can be used to show specific buttons to certain users or under certain conditions writing php code!

Fully compatible with all themes! No theme edits are required!

This mod works out of the box with all themes! You don't need to specify anything or even do any kind of theme edit! Both the main and secondary menus are placed in all themes right out of the box!

Simple configuration!

Configuration is quick and simple, just select how do you want to load Font-Awesome, if you want menu icons, the location and availability of the secondary menu and you are ready to go! In case that you feel your menu is broken, you can easily restore the original one with a click!

Hassle-free installation!

Installation is done doing some basic edits, no theme edits are required so this mod works across all themes! The pieces of code edited are untouched by most mods allowing you to install this mod in just seconds! The current menu you have is automatically stored as a backup and ready to be customized from the admin panel!

Main News / Happy holidays!
December 20, 2017, 12:01:42 PM
Just wanted to take a moment to wish you happy holidays. Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and through out the coming year! Thanks for being with us during this 2017 that is ending, and be sure is going to be here empowering communities in 2018 :)
Black Friday is here folks, and as you may know we celebrate it at!

This year we've come again with one incredible discount on every Pack, Mod and Theme, all products have an amazing 25% OFF! To enable the discount simply use the coupon: "25OFFNOW" on checkout! It applies to purchases made with Credit Card, Bitcoins and PayPal!

The coupon also works for renewals! So make good use of it and renew your licenses with a huge discount as well!

Sale ends November 28, so hurry up and grab them while you can!

We are really proud to announce the release of our latest product, the amazing SMFPacks Auto Media Embedder! This product is going to enhance the way content is shared within your forum making your site much more live and dynamic as allows your community to automatically transform links like the following:

Tweet from SMFPacks


Which sites are supported?

You can embed almost everything from the most popular websites:

  • Amazon Products
  • Tweets from Twitter
  • Facebook videos
  • Google Drive documents, Google+ status!
  • Pins from Pinterest
  • Videos from College Humor
  • Playlists from Spotify
  • The full list is the following:

ABC News
Amazon Product
BBC News
CBS News Video
Democracy Now!
Fox News
Funny or Die
Getty Images
GitHub Gist (via custom iframe)
Global News
Google Drive
Google Sheets
Internet Archive
JW Platform
Kontinental Hockey League (КХЛ)
Kiss Video
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Video
NBC News
NBC Sports
NHL Videos and Highlights
The New York Times Video
Reddit threads and comments
Steam store
Straw Poll
Team Coco
TED Talks
The Atlantic Video
The Guardian
The Onion
Trailer Addict
Video Detective
Washington Post Video
The Wall Street Journal Online
Xbox DVR
Yahoo! Screen

How it's done?

This is the best part, your simply need to submit the link and the mod is going to automatically convert it into the Multimedia Content which needs to be embedded based on the domain! In this post the following link was posted:

And then the mod takes it a convert into a Tweet, the same applies to slides from Slideshare:

YouTube videos:

Google Drive sheets:

Reddit threads:

Facebook posts:

And pretty much everything on the list!

Hello everyone,

We want to give you all a new reason to love the summer! Using the coupon: SUMMER you'll get 20% OFF on all our mods, themes and packs! That means that you can get all our current and future mods for an unbelievable price! It's time to improve your community like never before! Have you been looking to purchase a mod or theme for sometime? Well it's the time to get it and start enjoying the SMFPacks experience!

This coupon expires on August first!
Introducing SMFPacks Ads Manager the most powerful ads management mod available for SMF! Using this powerful mod you can add ads everywhere on your forum! It works right out of the box on all themes at your website! That means that no modifications are required in order to make it work!

Among the features included in this mod there is prevention of users using ad blockers, manage permissions per ad, show ads based on device screen (mobile or desktop), handle external and internal ads, limit clicks and impressions, have insights of every ad historically and much more! Find more about it here: SMFPacks Ads Manager

If you are a SMFPacks Super Pack user, you can already download it right from your client area! If not, you can join the Super Pack to get the Ads Manager and all of our future and current products, or you can buy the ads manager from the features page!
Main News / is accepting credit cards now!
February 23, 2017, 12:48:17 PM
Today we are glad to announce that we are now accepting payments with credit cards directly!


We all know that Paypal and Bitcoins aren't good enough for certain members! Maybe some of you simply prefer to use your credit card to get one of our products, that's why we have been looking for options to allow this. After checking and contacting multiple credit card gateways we have partnered with PayU to offer you the possibility to pay with your credit card, as an advantage you can divide the payment in multiple installments allowing you to get our products now and pay later!

Which credit card companies are allowed?

Due to PayU limitations, we can only offer payments with: Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express!


We take security and privacy very seriously, that's why we are using the HTTPS protocol to encrypt all the data you send to our servers and we don't store any kind of information! We simply pass this sensitive data to PayU to complete the purchase, the downside is that you need to re-enter this info on each purchase, but we prefer this instead of storing it since this kind of data must be private!

If you are paying with PayPal or Bitcoins, you don't need to fill this form!

How to use it?

It's extremely simple, when you go to buy a product simply choose the option "Credit Card" which is going to show you a formulary that you need to fill to submit the payment!