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Pre-Sale Questions / Advanced Editor
August 12, 2017, 01:57:49 AM
Ok, so sometimes when people post on my forum, and change the font, alignment, font color, etc... the post (when saved / published) has certain bbcodes show up in the post where it should be just regular text

Example: [ size=16 ] the dog is brown [ /size ]  (spaces on purpose)

This is super annoying to say the least and frustrates my users. So my pre-sale question is.... will the Advanced Editor mod take care of this problem, so the text, fonts, alignment, etc... shows up as it should? 

Based on my "previewing" the text of this message, I assume my answer is yes. LOL

Thanks in advance! 

Feedbacks / [Social Profile] Social Profile
August 11, 2017, 12:27:40 PM
I'm so addicted to SMFPacks mods! LOL

I had just bought the Social Profile mod and installed it. Got an error code regarding a previous comments table that was causing it to not show correctly, which in the past would have totally freaked me out because I'm not good with all the coding stuff. But Nibogo hasn't let me down once yet, so I messaged him and he pointed me in the right direction. I found the correct table within PHPMyAdmin and "Dropped" it. Then uninstalled and re-installed Social Profile... and Whoo Hooo... everything works and looks awesome! 

As always Nibogo.... thanks for your help and putting answers in easy to understand terms for me!!!
Customer for LIFE! 

Dave Lewerenz
Chicagoland Answers
Resolved requests / IP Location Mod
July 03, 2017, 09:13:00 PM
Hiya Nibogo :thumbsup:

Since my forum is targeting the Chicago area, I am blocking several IP ranges for non USA countries, especially Russia, France and China as that's where most of the spambots come from that I have fun blocking every day with IP Address Deny Manager in CPanel. ;D  

As it stands now, I look up IP addresses via the "Who's Online" section one by one and search via the IPLocation mod to see where they are coming from and then the ARIN or similar to find the IP range code.... all of which is very time consuming. I realize that once my forum gets busier this is going to be impossible to do... So is there a mod available (SMF 2.0.14) or can you build one that shows me (and only me) where the visitors IP address is located. This alone would save me a ton of time!

Thanks in advance!


Feedbacks / Huge Praise For Nibogo and SMFPacks!
June 20, 2017, 08:54:49 PM
HUGE praise for Nibogo and SMFPacks! Seriously.... I started an SMF forum a few months ago. While most of this stuff is reasonably easy to figure out and set up, there are a few settings here and there that require some coding / PHP knowledge.... of which I have NONE. ;D

I'm so thankful to have found SMFPack mods and Nibogo.... as the mods here are so easy to work with and SOOOOO helpful. Sure they cost a little bit, but after you see them in action... you'll wonder why they aren't charging more! I'm not rich, so I'm happy they keep them cheaper! ;D

There's so much I could type here based on my interactions with Nibogo in the forums and the times he's gone above the level of expected service when I almost screwed things up (lol), but I'll just say Nibogo / SMF Packs.... You guys are awesome! Try the services here... you'll be happy with your results! 

Dave Lewerenz
Chicagoland Answers
Chicago, IL USA
Pre-Sale Questions / Social sharing Mod
June 17, 2017, 09:43:56 PM
I'm having trouble finding a social sharing mod that works with my mobile theme bought through www. smf mobile theme .com - Do you have one? I think this mobile template is from you guys, right? If so, I also couldn't install the patch to the newest SMF 2.0.14 as it says it's not compatible with my mobile theme. I'm not a coder, so kinda scared to mess with the coding. lol 

Thanks in advance, 

Dave Lewerenz
I recently got the mobile theme from you guys and now I want to add the social login mod.... I tried the social login mod from a different company a couple of days ago and got failure notices for the mobile theme when it did it's test install. So my question is, if I get the social login app through you, will it be compatible with the Mobile theme? I'm not a coding type of guy, so I'm not able to make changes to the php code to make things work like you guys do. Also, money's tight at the moment, so I can't pay extra to have you install it, otherwise I would. Any advice?