LATEST VERSION: 2.4.8 (2023-12-03) - COMPATIBLE WITH: SMF 2.1 and SMF 2.0

SMFPacks SEO Pro!

Powerful SEO (search engine optimization) mod, a real must-have for any website that wants to be bigger, and better.

Why it's so important to have a good SEO mod?

What it does?

- Web Traffic: From search engines allowing your site to be more popular.
- Profit: With more visitor more revenues are accomplished.
- Activity: More members based on content they like, which results in more activity.
- Members: More guests will be coming based on content they like, meaning they are going to register more often.
- Growth: With more visitors, members, profit and position in search engines your site will growth way faster.

How it does it?

- More Indexing: Get more topics, boards and other areas of your forum indexed by major search engines.
- Faster Indexing: Get your pages indexed even faster.
- Better Relevancy: Content relevancy is highly increased in all your website.
- Proper Tracking: Our sitemap, tags, and proper headers, are going to make tracking better.
- More ways to be connected: Expand how members reach your community, including social features.

Extraordinary URL Rewriting!!

- Pretty URLs for topics.
- Pretty URLs for boards.
- Pretty URLs for actions.
- Pretty URLs for attachments.
- Pretty URLs for profiles.
- Hierarchic URL Structure.
- Change format of URLs with a click.
- Master switch for pretty URLs.
- 301 Redirects for old URLs.
- Acronym parser for URLs.
- Maximum length of URLs.
- Stop commom words for URLs.
- Censor words in URLs.
- Select URLs separator.
- Automatic .htaccess generation.

Compatible with:

Using the Pretty Urls mod? No problem! 100% compatible!

But wait! It's much more than URL rewriting!

- Meta keywords and description per topic.
- Custom 301 redirects right from admin panel.
- SEO analysis report.
- Minimize javascript/css automatically.
- Cleanup HTML output.
- Optionally add linkbacks only for guests.
- Clickable SEO Cloud tags.
- Image optimization (dynamically add alt and title attributes).
- Popular SEO Cloud Tags.
- New SEO bbcodes.
- Option to open internal links in same window.
- Option to load related topics only in the same board.

- Fully featured sitemap.
- XML Sitemap for search engines tracking.
- Ping popular search engines.
- Prevent copy of content with linkback on RSS and topics.
- Custom error pages with forum interface.
- Full Google Analytics integration.
- Beautiful pageviews and visits within SEO Admin Panel.
- Check analytics data by years, months and days.
- Advanced filtering by OS, keywords, referrer, browser, and resolution within admin.
- Optionally track external links, and anonymize ip's.

- Acronym parser.
- Social Bookmarks for posts.
- Social Bookmarks for topics.
- Facebook likes integration.
- Enable/disable every social network with a click (separated for topics and posts).
- SEO Cloud of tags.
- Show signature only one for guests.
- SEO Related Topics.
- Replace previous and next links with true SEO topic links.
- Add page titles to posted links for better relevancy.

- Redirect external links via forum.
- Add page titles to posted links for better relevancy.
- Add nofollow tags with filters for certain domains (whitelist and blacklist).
- Dynamic meta tags (description and keywords) in topics, forum index and boards.
- Customize meta tags for profile.
- Set an specific SEO theme for guests.
- Modify .htaccess and robots.txt within your admin panel.
- Implementation of nofollow tags, and specific headers as required.
- SEO Warnings within admin panel.
- Add page number to boards and topics.

What are other webmasters saying about this product?

" I love these mods and have my eye on several others from SMF Packs and with support like I always receive here I will always go with SMF Packs for my forums. High recommended! Thank you so much!!"


"Would just like to say a massive thank you to Nibogo for the Mods that have been supplied, the custom work that he's done, and the overall service received, all of which have been first class."


"Lots of stuff to tweak. This is a must have mod for SMF, which is a big let down on SEO. And Nibogo, thanks for the quick support. Great job!"


"I want to thank you for this seo mod. I searched all around for one working seo mode, and I found it here. Thank you SMFPacks team."


"Searching all in one SEO mod, and seem this is the best and with a nice price compare to the other. Many free mod I installed before only have 1 specific function, so I need to install bunch of mod to get the complete function, thanks God, after I install this mod, I delete most of those free mod, so my forum keep clean with 1 modification."


"This is a MUST HAVE mod for any SMF Forum."


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SMFPacks SEO Pro

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- SMFPacks SEO Pro.
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