SMFPacks SEO Pro!

Powerful SEO (search engine optimization) mod, a real must-have for any website that wants to be bigger, and better.

Why it's so important to have a good SEO mod?

What it does?

- Web Traffic: From search engines allowing your site to be more popular.
- Profit: With more visitor more revenues are accomplished.
- Activity: More members based on content they like, which results in more activity.
- Members: More guests will be coming based on content they like, meaning they are going to register more often.
- Growth: With more visitors, members, profit and position in search engines your site will growth way faster.

How it does it?

- More Indexing: Get more topics, boards and other areas of your forum indexed by major search engines.
- Faster Indexing: Get your pages indexed even faster.
- Better Relevancy: Content relevancy is highly increased in all your website.
- Proper Tracking: Our sitemap, tags, and proper headers, are going to make tracking better.
- More ways to be connected: Expand how members reach your community, including social features.

Extraordinary URL Rewriting

- Pretty URLs for topics.
- Pretty URLs for boards.
- Pretty URLs for actions.
- Pretty URLs for attachments.
- Pretty URLs for profiles.
- Hierarchic URL Structure.
- Change format of URLs with a click.
- Master switch for pretty URLs.
- 301 Redirects for old URLs.
- Acronym parser for URLs.
- Maximum length of URLs.
- Stop commom words for URLs.
- Censor words in URLs.
- Select URLs separator.
- Automatic .htaccess generation.

But wait! It's much more than URL rewriting

- Meta keywords and description per topic.
- Custom 301 redirects right from admin panel.
- SEO analysis report.
- Minimize javascript/css automatically.
- Cleanup HTML output.
- Optionally add linkbacks only for guests.
- Clickable SEO Cloud tags.
- Image optimization (dynamically add alt and title attributes).
- Popular SEO Cloud Tags.
- New SEO bbcodes.
- Option to open internal links in same window.
- Option to load related topics only in the same board.

- Fully featured sitemap.
- XML Sitemap for search engines tracking.
- Ping popular search engines.
- Prevent copy of content with linkback on RSS and topics.
- Custom error pages with forum interface.
- Full Google Analytics integration.
- Beautiful pageviews and visits within SEO Admin Panel.
- Check analytics data by years, months and days.
- Advanced filtering by OS, keywords, referrer, browser, and resolution within admin.
- Optionally track external links, and anonymize ip's.

- Acronym parser.
- Social Bookmarks for posts.
- Social Bookmarks for topics.
- Facebook likes integration.
- Enable/disable every social network with a click (separated for topics and posts).
- SEO Cloud of tags.
- Show signature only one for guests.
- SEO Related Topics.
- Replace previous and next links with true SEO topic links.
- Add page titles to posted links for better relevancy.

- Redirect external links via forum.
- Add page titles to posted links for better relevancy.
- Add nofollow tags with filters for certain domains (whitelist and blacklist).
- Dynamic meta tags (description and keywords) in topics, forum index and boards.
- Customize meta tags for profile.
- Set an specific SEO theme for guests.
- Modify .htaccess and robots.txt within your admin panel.
- Implementation of nofollow tags, and specific headers as required.
- SEO Warnings within admin panel.
- Add page number to boards and topics.

What are other webmasters saying about this product?

"I want to thank you for this seo mod. I searched all around for one working seo mode, and I found it here. Thank you SMFPacks team."


"Searching all in one SEO mod, and seem this is the best and with a nice price compare to the other. Many free mod I installed before only have 1 specific function, so I need to install bunch of mod to get the complete function, thanks God, after I install this mod, I delete most of those free mod, so my forum keep clean with 1 modification."


"This is a MUST HAVE mod for any SMF Forum."


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