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SMFPacks Shoutbox Pro!

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Much more than just messages!

Search for gifs! New

If you allow users will be able to search for gifs right withing the shoutbox, making the shoutbox much more appealing for users, making conversations more live and keeping users at your community!
Search for gifs

Responsive Shoutbox! New

Mobile visitors are going to be able to chat just like on a desktop! Our Shoutbox is fully responsive so the design is adapted according to screen size, allowing everyone to be part of the conversation!
Responsive Shoutbox

View videos within the shoutbox! New

You can allow automatic conversion of YouTube and Vimeo urls into embeddable videos right within your shoutbox! Videos are only loaded when the users wants to see them and they are shown as a regular link marked with an icon, so the look & feel remains intact for those that aren't interested on the video.
Emded Videos

Great Performance

Great Performance!

Our shoutbox is designed with performance as the top priority. You won't notice any difference after you have it installed as we make use of advanced techniques to load everything as smooth as possible. We also allow you to configure how often you want to get new messages to prevent any possible overload if you have a huge community.

Fully Customizable:

Our amazing admin panel allow you to customize EVERYTHING with just a few clicks. You can change default background color, font color, which bbcodes are enabled, set minimum and maximum amount of characters per message, enable system notifications, show shoutbox actions like icons or text, select date format and color, customize where shoutbox should be shown, and much more!
Admin Panel

Dynamic page title change

Never miss a message:

You can enable in administration the option to play a sound everytime a new message is received, you can also allow the system to dynamically change page title so users that are browsing another website can be notified when the conversation gets new messages! All this features allow you, and your users, to make conversations smooth and fluid.

Realtime users who are chatting:

With a click you can see which users are chatting in real time! This gives you an idea of who can reply or who are in a page where they cannot read nor reply to your messages.
Who is chatting?

System notifications

Live threads and posts notifications:

You can also get notifications from the forum related with new threads and replies. Those are only shown to those who can see them, this incredible and new feature allows you and your users to communicate, and be notified about everything that happens in your forum within the shoutbox.

Whisper other users:

In case that you want to whisper other users you can easily do it just using the format: "@NIBOGO: Message". This gives you the option to send private messages to a determinated member of the community to say him something special; however, admins will still be able to see those messages to keep control over everything!
Whisper other users

Hide messages from annoying users

Ignored users won't bother you:

All members from your ignore list, and all their messages are going to be hidden in the shoutbox as their shoutbox messages are as annoying as their topics; however, you can still see every message if you want to do it with a simple click.

But wait! We've even more:

- Select in which areas shoutbox is shown!
- Optionally set if shoutbox is auto hidden when page is loaded.
- Automatically focus on shoutbox when page is loaded!
- Persistent selection of colors (background and font color).
- Customizable fonts for shoutbox.
- Alternate between icons and text with a click.
- Shoutbox announcements.
- Default background and text color.
- Easily customize format of date.
- Change date font color within admin.
- Automatically convert links into mini-links!
- Images can be added to shoutbox too.
- Select which BBCodes are disabled for the shoutbox.
- Ban users from shoutbox.
- Allow download of shoutbox history.
- Set if new messages are shown at bottom or top.
- New strikethrough bbcode!
- /me command.
- /banlist command shows all banned users for shoutbox.
- /prune and /clean commands allow you to remove all messages at once.
- Easily see shoutbox history.
- Moderation panel to easily edit and remove messages.
- Disable notification sound per user or globally.
- Forum smileys can be used in Shoutbox (if enabled).


Just upload the package and install it! This mod works in all themes, and is compatible with all modifications! We made this possible using integration hooks and other techniques to allow users to install this mod hassle-free!

What are other webmasters saying about this product?

"Hello all, just wanted to let anyone thinking about getting the shoutbox pro it's well worth it and the service here is outstanding! NIBOGO by far was a great help and his code is flawless. Quote from a convo with him: Really love your stuff, you do great work. That shoutbox is flawless in my opinion."


"I have had the free version of shoutbox for quite some time now and i have not have any problems with it. So i wasn't sure if i should buy the pro version, but i decided to give it a go. The installation went smooth and i have just starting to test it out, but so far i like it a lot. I like the "whisper" and the "announce" is just great. Thanks a lot for a very nice mod."


"I had little to no problems installing this and the couple of issues I thought it had were in fact all caused by me anyway. I no longer have to announce a topic as Shoutbox posts directly into the shoutbox letting everyone know I have just created a new tip, faq or announcement due to it monitoring certain boards I selected. I highly recommend this to forum admins even if they just use it as an announcement area and disable the users ability to be able to post in it."


"I tried some different mod of chats (shoutbox) at a test forum, but in were simply poor. And the SMFPacks Shoutbox PRO became the real decoration of my forum, I am very glad that learned about it to mod. Each new version becomes even better, "


"I help run a roleplay forum and communication keeps people moving and draws people in. This app works wonderful and my members all love it."


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SMFPacks Shoutbox Pro

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- SMFPacks Shoutbox Pro.
- Copyright removed: No.
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- SMFPacks Shoutbox Pro.
- Copyright removed: Yes.
- Full Support: Yes.
- Regular Price: $49.99.
- PROMOTIONAL Price: $39.99.