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SMFPacks Social Login

Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Windows, Discord and Github login and registration! With one click!

Register and login with one click!

SMFPacks Social Login allows your guests and users to register/login using any of their social networks. Our mod also retrieves the avatar and additional information to make registration and customization of profile easier.

The most popular social networks!

It is not only Facebook, we have also added support for Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Windows (Skype, XBOX, Outlook), Discord and Github login/registration! That means that most visitors will already have an account ready to be synchronized with your forum, having new members has never been easier.

Social Networks

One click away from easier registration!

With just one click on the social sign up buttons users will be able to register using their social network account! That means that users will be able to register quicker and they won't have to remember passwords for each website! This is the best way to attract new people to your website!

Social Login

Login with a click!

Once you have synced your social network account with your forum one you'll be able to login with just one click! In that way you don't have to type both fields when you login making everything quicker!

Social Login

Sync avatars and additional data!

Our mod was designed to make everything quicker! That's why with our social registration you are able to create a forum account and automatically add your avatar to your new profile, it's also possible to sync birthdate and gender to do everything quicker.

Sync avatar and additional data

Promote your social network presence!

Easily promote your social networks pages with our mod, as you'll be able to show your Facebook Widget, Follow button for Twitter and LinkedIn Widget!

Promote social networks pages

Full user control!

Each user can control all the synced data, and are also able to fully unsync his social network accounts with a simple click. They will be able to disconnect everything in case their social accounts were compromised keeping your forum secure!

External Accounts

Rich admin panel

Easily see how many users are using each social network, you can even browse them to have insights about each social network. You can also see with a beautiful bars chart the amount of users with each network.

Rich admin panel

Easy Configuration!

To make registration available for any of the three social networks only a few steps are required, everything is documented and we can help you during the process. The configuration of the three platforms can be done in less than 4 minutes.

Easy configuration

Direct connection to Social Networks! (No limits, no additional payments, no third parties!)

We aren't like most mods out there, we don't go through another website which also has access to your information and can restrict the amount of connections and interactions, we did integration directly with each social platform based on their own SDK, this is a much more secure and direct way to connect to those famous websites.

Direct Connection

Quick Mod Installation!

This mod only needs to modify three files to property work, it is extremelly easy to install and the edits done are made on places where most mods do not interect, offering you a quick installation to change the way people interact with your website.

Quick installation

What are other webmasters saying about this product?

"What i love most about this powerful mod-social Login is the profile picture from either Facebook, Google plus or Twitter. I recommend it for your forum. you will love it. A million thanks for this mod"


"I just wanted to say this mod really does what I hoped for. The number of new user registrations just doubled after installing this. This means people find it much easier to register (and login) this way. They click a few buttons and that's it!"


"Thanks for helping get the Sccial Login going on my forum. Top quality product. Happy I have found you and look forward to trying some other of your products."


"I was looking for this mod for almost a year. People can easily be activate their membership in the forum.. After ten seconds they are our member. Thanks for this great mod. The installation was also so easy. It took only ten minutes to set up after purchasing."


"Like another mod (Shoutbox pro), this is great work. Well done, perfect installation and well explain configuration instructions."


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SMFPacks Social Login

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- SMFPacks Social Login.
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- Full Support: Yes.
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- PROMOTIONAL Price: $29.99.