LATEST VERSION: 1.2.6 (2024-01-02) - COMPATIBLE WITH: SMF 2.1 and SMF 2.0

SMFPacks Social Profile

Facebook-like profiles for SMF forums. Including Comments Wall, Cover Photo, Name History, Visitors, Friends and much more!

Interactive Profiles!

Users demand modern & interactive profiles, full of features and possibilites that they have used in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, that's exactly what this mod provides! An amazing experience of profile status, replies, friend requests, profile visitors, cover photos, tabs, everything ajax-powered, and much more!

Limit characters (like Twitter) UPDATED

Easily set a characters limit similar to how Twitter works in profile comments to keep them precise and direct to the point.

Limit Characters

Wall of Comments!

Just like on Facebook! Users will be able to comment in profiles, and they can also reply to comments too! Everything is ajax-powered so actions like publishing, editing and removing are done instantly, without having to wait for pages to be reloaded! You can also use the SMFPacks Alerts Pro to be notified about everything easier :)

Wall of Comments

Property Friends Management!

Forget about that useless "Buddy List" from SMF! This mod has implemented a real friends solution, similar to the one in Facebook! Users can send friend requests to others, this can be done easily in the cover photo on each person with big, pretty, buttons. Each user is free to reject a request or accept it, the member that sent the request can also cancelled if he wants to undo it. It just works!


Cover Photos are included too!

They are simply beautiful and are taken the entire world! Cover photos are images exposed in each user profile, it can be anything: the flag of his favorite football team or a big image of XBOX as he is a regular gamer. This simple addition allows users to customize their profile like never before, giving each user an unique look.

Cover Photos

Ajax Tabs for Topics, Posts and Stats!

Tabs are also included as they are simply the best way to organize a profile, it's just so much easier to property view content from an user using this system. There are tabs for Wall, Profile Info, Posts, Topics, User Stats and Name History. And they use ajax to load information, so user posts, topics and stats won't be loaded unless the visitor request it!

User tabs

Profile Visitors

If you allow it, profile visitors will be logged, that means that a block will be shown below the basic information of each user showing all the latest visitors! This gives users an overall view of possible friends or people that can be interested in them!

Profile Visitors

Name History

Ever wondered who is that new guy that sounds quite familiar? This is an usual request in forums, as users can easily change their names, something that can brings confusion to users and topics. This mod includes a really nice feature which adds a tab to each user profile, on it a list of all names changes is shown so you can easily see who was this person. As a bonus all names changed before mod installation will be available if the Reports feature was enabled!

Name History

Easy Configuration!

Configuration is quick and easy, you can choose which features do you want to include in your forum and it's also possible to give users permissions to manage profile comments, including permissions to post in walls, modify own comments, modify all comments, and the same permissions but for removal.

Easy configuration

Quick Mod Installation!

This mod only needs to modify one files to property work, it is extremelly easy to install, offering you a quick installation to change the way people interact with your website. It also works out of the box with all themes!

Quick installation

What are other webmasters saying about this product?

"A massive improvement on the standard profile page. Adds so many options and features. Good work !!"

Ian M

"Hello. Congratulations on the great mod! I was surprised that it works brilliantly "out of the box" with little to none modifications needed. "


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SMFPacks Social Profile

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