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SMFPacks Super Quotes

Multi-quote, auto-expand, quote selection & more!

Quotes done right!

Quotes are an essential part of any forum, they enhance content and promote discussions. This mod enhances them, so they are easier to use and more adequate for browsing with multiple smart features.

Proper multi-quote!

Select multiple quotes across the entire forum and then add 'em all to your reply! It's simple and intuitive, you can control how many quotes you've selected with a non-obstructive popup which keeps count of all current quotes.


A popup with all quotes is shown whenever you can do a post, simply click it and you'll get an overview of all selected quotes where you can discard them or add 'em all to your reply!

Quote Selection!

How many times have you quoted an entire message but you were actually just replyng to one little part of it? With quote selection that is not longer a problem, you can select with your cursor the part of the message that you want to quote and the system will prepare the quote with only that part, it's easy and intuitive!

big quotes!

Big quotes aren't pretty for navigation, sometimes you simply want to give a quick look to the quoted message. Those quotes are automatically collapsed, giving you the option to show the entire message in case you actually want to see it all.

Instantly go to quoted message

Currently if you want to go to a quoted message you must click the header and you'll get redirected to the url of the message, this demands to refresh the entire page! Super Quotes automatically detects if the quoted message is at the same page, so you're instantly scrolled!

Easy installation!

Installation is quick and easy, integration hooks reduce edits and when modifications to source files are extremely simple. It's easily integrated with all themes doing just 1 edit!

Easy installation

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"I already had multi-quote, but this implementation is much nicer and easier to use!"


"Nice little mod, it does some really useful things for a really price."


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SMFPacks Super Quotes

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