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SMFPacks Advanced Editor Mod

Tired of all the bugs of the SMF Core Editor? Are you looking for a much robust solution with more features, customization and working without all the glitches from the original one? well this what you're looking for! This powerful editor has been fully integrated into SMF and we're totally sure that you're going to just love it!

Which SMF Versions are supported?

This editor works in both, SMF 2.0 and SMF 1.1.X Branch! So now you've no excuses to use this editor in any forum you may have! :)

Why it's important?

The editor is the most important part of your community, after members, as it's what it generates content, that's the key value of your community, without real good content your website is going nowhere, so it's important that you help your users in order to get a good way to generate that content, formatted property and make it effortless, users are always posting in your community so this should be as easy as possible, and that's exactly what this editor does!

So, how it's better?

Better Syntax!
This editor is way better than the old one, it just works as expected, you won't face any issue while you're using it. When you give it a try to the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Interface you won't return to the bbcode one, but even if you want to do it for any reason you'll be able to.

Full Post Interface
Advanced editor can be used in full interface an allows all the feature of the core editor, insert quotes from old posts, preview without reloading and a much nicer interface!

Look & Feel!
It's just nice! This editor has a great design and a lot better interface, your users are going to interact with it way better, just install it and ask them, there is no reason why they would prefer the core one.

Look & Feel
Gorgeous interface! It just looks nice!

Enhanced Selection
Core editor has standard dropdowns which are awful for users, as they don't know how things look while they're selecting, that's why we've a much nicer selection of Font Colors, Size and Face, just give it a look to the screenshot, it just looks much nicer, and the best of all is that this feature is available for both interfaces WYSIWYG and BBCodes.

Enhanced Selection
Users can see what they are selecting! This allows them to know what they're going to have without having to select and try!

Full or Minified, you select in which areas what should be used
There are two versions full and minified, both can be customized in admin panel and you select in which actions which one is going to be used, you can also enable smileys with a click for both, one or none.

Full or Minified, you select in which areas what should be used
In admin you select which version of the editor is going to be used where

Deep Integration!
This editor has been deeply integrated into SMF, it's way more integrated that the core editor itself! All the regular features are going to work (Add quotes from past posts in posting interface, preview of posts without reloading, send personal messages) and it also has been integrated into a lot other areas easily!

Deep Integration!
All core feature are going to work with this editor!

Quick Reply Integration!
Just adding "quickreply" to areas where it should be shown you're going to have this powerful editor into your quick reply, a minified version can be added in case you dislike the full one for simple areas, this allows users to prepare a quick reply with some basic format, but they also can use the standard bbcode interface in case that they want to use it.

Quick Reply Integration!
Editor, full or minified, can be integrated into quick reply just typing "quickreply" in areas

Quick Edit Integration!
This is one of the best features! Now in the Quick Modify interface (the one that appears when the little edit icon is clicked) you're going to have the minified version of the WYSIWYG editor allowing you to do some real modifications effortless and easily, this is a great feature that allows users to modify posts quickly without having to go to a new page.

Quick Edit Integration!
You can quickly modify posts using the advanced editor

Modify Signature Integration!
Advanced Editor can be enabled easily for modification of signature in profile allowing users to have a preview of the signature without having to save, check and then modify again, this one is one of the features that your users are going to just love!. It's also integrated with the characters left feature.

Modify Signature Integration!
You can modify signatures using this editor too! Remaining characters work just as usual with this editor

Mods Integration!
This editor will work without modifications into other mods too! Just add their action to the areas where full or minified version is shown and you're going to have it, it's effortless, it just works!

Effortless integration with other mods
Just adding mod's action to areas you've advanced editor working with them

Much nicer selection of emoticons
With such a nicer interface you've a better selection of emoticons, they are shown in a dropdown that is fully integrated into editor's looks, and all the emoticons that shouldn't be shown at first, the ones in the popup, can be loaded in a much nicer way, there is no need to look to that awful popup, just see how they're added to the emoticons dropdown and you'll be ready to select them.

Better selection of emoticons
Emoticons can be selected with a dropdown, which suits much better with the interface of this editor!

Print your Post with a click!
Doing a single click you'll be able to print content of your post! This is a great feature that can be useful for a lot of cases and we're sure that your members are going to appreciate such a nice feature.

Print your Post with a click!
with a single click you'll be able to print whatever you've in your post

Smart addition of Links, Email and Image for BBCode Interface
In the core editor when you're using the basic interface and you try to add any of those codes you had just the standard bbcode, in this editor you've a much better way to add those in both WYSIWYG and BBCode, just see the screenshot to know what we're talking about.

Smart addition of Links, Email and Image for BBCode Interface
In bbcode mode you'll be able to easily add links, images and emails.

Table WYSIWYG Interface
Just see how tables can be added in a much nicer way than before! You select how many columns and rows are added and you've a much nicer view of 'em in the WYSIWYG Interface.

Table WYSIWYG Interface
Add tables easily, and even with a view of them in the WYSIWYG interface

Real [code] in WYSIWYG Interface
Just see how nice it looks! Code has been really integrated into the WYSIWYG Interface.

Code WYSIWYG Interface
Code WYSIWYG Interface

Undo & Redo
Now you can easily undo or redo from editor's interface, this is quite handy for a lot of purposes, specially for accessibility, and when it's not available it's going to be smartly disabled.

Undo and Redo has been integrated too!

Justify Text
With this editor you can easily justify text, this is a real nice feature as it allows users to have text property formatted in posts and the editor, a real useful bbcode that is fully integrated into this editor!

Justify Code
Code can be justified too! Allowing much nicer texts

Cut, Copy and Paste
In editor you've buttons for cut, copy and paste, this feature is not available for a lot of browsers, in that case an alert is shown letting the user know how to do it with their keyboard.

Cut, Copy and Paste
You can cut, copy and paste if available in your browser

Right-to-Left Support
In administration you can enable the Right-to-Left mode allowing users that are using those languages to type in your forum easily, without having additional issues with how the editor is going to handle their text

Right-to-Left Languages
RTL is fully supported in this editor

Automatically Expand Editor's Area
Optionally you can change the editor to allow it to automatically expand its text area when need it. If you require a new line then it is going to be automatically added.

Expand Content Automatically
As soon as you need a new line the editor is going to automatically expand it text area

What are other webmaster saying about this product?

"My users were so used to the SMF editor that they were a little challenged by this one, however, after a couple of days the users loved it so much that I began to see more posts from them. The formatting was so much easier for them that they even started to post some fancy stuff that sparked more interest in their threads as they looked more interesting to the readers."


"I want to give big thanks to NIBOGO for getting this editor up and running on my forum. He was very fast to install it for me, and IMHO... worth 3 times the $15 he charged me! It is a truly awesome mod that in my opinion no SMF forum is complete without!"


"If you want to give your users moe comfort when posting, please buy the WYSIWYG editor. Makes cleaner post and the embedding of images much easier. Thanx again to NIBOGO for his unrentless support."


What about the price?

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