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SMFPacks WYSIWYG 2.0 Final

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Hello all!

Today we are doing a major release, it is the 2.0 final version of our SMFPacks Advanced Editor; in this new release we are adding some awesome features that I'm sure everyone is going to love. Here is a quick overview over all the changes:

Better Parser:

This is the biggest change! The 2.0 version comes with a much more flexible and powerful bbcode parser. This means that all the HTML code used in the editor is now better translated to BBCODE, fixing several issues that some people could experience in the past.

Automatically Expand Editor:

There is a new option in the administration that changes the behavior of the editor, allowing the editor to automatically expand its area where you can type as you are writing. In other words, the text area gets bigger when you need it. Similar to how facebook's textareas work.

Auto-Focus on load:

Now you can automatically focus on the editor text area as soon as it is loaded. While you can disable this in administration we do not recommend it, as it's quite logical that if the editor is loaded it is going to be used.

Right-to-left Mode:

In administration you can enable the RTL mode, specially useful if your forum is for people who writes in that way, as they can see how the actual content is going to look when they submit it. Quite useful for all forums with languages that type in that format.

Prevent Load of Editor in certain areas:

While you can select in which areas the editor is shown, you can also just show it everywhere; however, in some scenarios the admin wants to use the editor everywhere but in one special area, for those cases this feature is going to be quite useful.

Thanks for reading! And give it a look if you don't own this powerful editor, because your forum is all about the content and if your members are not confortable they won't be writing as much as you would like to!

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